Aloha Hello Aloha Goodbye (8 poems originally written as songs) _P*


1. In Hawai'i
I guess I've come to know, a little more of me;
but sometimes its your smile that I'm remembering.
I's thinking of the past, how nothing ever lasts; 
I was wrong-goodbye, so long- I don't need you back.

I am free of you and me, forgiven you honestly;
but I don't care, cause I'm not there, you can find me here.... Hawai'i

How are your things dear?, everyone you know;
they're taking sides- your friends and mine- but that's just how things go.
I know lifes not fair-no- but I'd of always stood by you; 
now you're gone, so far from here and I can move on too.

All I can think of today, I was thinkin how everythings okay;
I began to care, falling for you here, everythings okay here... Hawai'i

The waves crash at our feet, our eyes move from the shores
you look up at the stars, and I look into yours.

All I can think of is you,  I'm contemplating my next move;
I don't know, but I'm willing to go, as far as you are-here;
But what I do, is that being with you, is where I want to be here.... Hawai'i....       in Hawai'i

2. Where You Belong

Here I've, come to rest my head, I know that
you tried, a different kind of life only
to find, that complications can find the better
some times, and darlin' you need to be:

Where you belong, sev'ral thousand miles away you
call your home, a few months will pass, but you know we'll last, and
before too long, you'll realize that it's wrong to be apart
and you're in my arms..forever

So fare, for a while on the island and I'll
be there, where our lives will come together, you know
I'll be there, when I've saved up enough, you know its
not fair, it's hard to live without each other..[chorus]

Always isn't ever what it seems.
I'll live with you forever in my dreams.
I think and somehow I believe,
that you would be happier with me.

3. Aloha Hello Aloha Goodbye

A bothersome, busy day;
when words are, just too far away.
My dreams carry me, to Nanakuli,
asleep in the bed we both made.

I miss....those....warm sunny days;
when you....and me....were at the beach everyday.
The sand in our toes, and both of us knows: we'll re-
turn the following day.

Drinking is only one way,
to escape the existing day;
but when the bottle runs dry, it's still you and I and to-
morrow is on the way.

I miss....those....warm sunny days
when you....and me....were at the beach everyday.
the sand in our toes and both of us know: we'll re-
turn the following day
I'll sing to you everyday,
the sun comes up, on a warm mornin'in.
I'm watchin' your eyes, as I play tonight, and to-
morrow is on the way.

These words, are my way to say;
that I love you more with each day.
Stand silently still, I know how you feel;
'cause darlin', I feel the same.
4. Waikiki You & Me

Well, I was walkin' on the beach with you- the other day;
and I thought about the main-land cruise- darling.
'And how you'd be leaving everything you knew.
A less simple life, simply me and you.

I guess you just trust me so;
how much, I'll prob'ly never know.
'But the faith I have in you goes,
to the heavens where I blow my smoke.

Well, I was lyin' in my room alone- last night;
rememberin' when it was me who was leavin' home- alright.
Such a distance, at times you might feel alone.
Just you and me in Waikiki and now its time to go.
Honolulu Beach with you 
warm Hawai'ian nights- everybody and you.
Pink pastels paint a sky of blue
the sunset animates the ocean too. 

5. Breaking Waves

I'm feelin' a bit under the weather, 
would you like to step out with me?
Walk n' tak n' sing songs togther,
feelin' like we're finl'y free.

The sun is shin'in- perfect tim'in, with the breeze.
Blue skies they remind- me how white, the clouds can be.

I's feelin' a dab bit down n' out,
when fortunes were'nt foldin' my way.
but you just can't keep a good dog down,
whats more, you've no one to blame.

6. Early In The Morning

I can't wait to see you there;
your golden hair and your ocean stare.
I love to see you everytime i see you,
hold you close, oh so much i've missed you.

I know its the morning;
but i can't wait to hear your story.
Then I'll tell you about my day;
when you're sad you smile anyway.

I could stay for days in a single place,
just waiting for you to see your face.
Its so nice when we're together,
you make all the good things better.

Its nice to know that you are mine.
first light of the day.
You drop what you've got going on,
and you smile any way.

7. Reflecting Road Signs 

Reflecting roadsigns, brighter than night skies;
from these tired head lights, the stars shine like lite brites.
A night full of chances, steel chain-link fences;
no second guesses, try hard to expect this.

You're try y ying to be, some kind of something
and it seems right to me, to feign the formalities.
Is there nothing to, the people you use;
and whats there to prove, is there anything inside..of you?

Familiar expressions, exceptionally something;
is at my discression, the faintest reflection.
We're directing eyes towards, the wars that we fought for;
fleeing the encore, what else is there more?

8. Eastern Angel

I remember your eyes the very first day and
try as i might, i'd no words to say to
you, maybe it was then
I knew....

I remember your smile, and the way that you laughed and
was i worth the while, could i be the man for
you, maybe it was then
you knew....

You are an angel sent from above.
My beautiful oriental, the only one i love.

Now i know that i was meant to
bring you back with me.
Your kind eyes tell me you are mine
and we will be happy

You are an angel, sent from above
'domo' & 'konichiwa'-the only words i know of
to say to you,
that and i love you,
than you or i
could know


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