David’s Pumpkin _S**

Audere est facere
-To dare is to do

David Samson lived in Snoden, which is just outside the city of Pepper Pond City.
He tilled the land and lived from the profits he made selling produce.
Pumpkins were his specialty, and during October people came from all over Uta to
visit his pumpkin patch.

One day David went out to tend to his giant pumpkin patch and, to his surprise,
found that someone had stolen one of his pumpkins. With all of
the pumpkins that David had in his patch, you may think, “how would he notice
just one pumpkin missing?” Well, that’s between me and David.
Anyway, he then cursed very loud for all to hear when he discovered it’s absence.

“I’m going to catch that no good pumpkin thief!” he then said.

David went to his shed and took a large knife from the shelf and took
that knife and went from one pumpkin to the next, tasting them all until he
found the best tasting one.

He then cut a hole in the bottom of that delicious pumpkin and crawled inside.
The pumpkins, you must know, were very big indeed; and the pumpkin that he chose
was bigger than a full grown man.

“Now I’m going to wait for that no good pumpkin thief!” he thought.

Soon enough a nephlem* came along. Golgat was the name of the giant.
Golgat noticed that tiny chunks had been taken out of many of the pumpkins
and so he stuck his finger in them to taste each one.
Finally found the best one, which of course, was the one that David was hiding inside of.

To the giant, you must realize, this pumpkin was no larger than a grape would be to you or I.

The nephlem then picked up the great pumpkin with David inside of it, because it had tasted the best, and swallowed it whole
after pulling the hard stem from off the top.

Deep inside the nephlem’s stomach, David got out of the pumpkin and wandered around in the dark.
“Where am I?” he thought.

David felt around for a while until he found what appeared to be a soft wall. So he took his knife and began cutting a
passage for himself in the wall. The ground beneath him began to quake, but David kept cutting and cutting.
Finally he saw light and pulled himself through the wall.

When he was out, David was surprised to find a giant man laying on the ground in his pumpkin patch.
He saw the bloody hole in it’s stomach and realized that he had, in fact, been swallowed by a giant.

*The Nephilim are the offspring of the “sons of God” and the “daughters of men” in Genesis 6:4, or giants who inhabit Canaan in Numbers 13:33.





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