A Weak In The Life _S*



MONTAG 4:00am

Dear Diary,
I didn’t feel like waking up…whoever does. Can one?
What I mean to say is that when my alarm clock stereo
came to life before I did, blaring “she loves you yeah,
yeah, yeah!” I was pretty pissed off. Why? Two reasons
actually. One is that I was having a particularly good
dream in which I was swimming in the warm Pacific Ocean
in Hawai’i; when I came to shore I saw my wife (ex-wife,
that is) with a towel and a smile. Yep The second reason was
because she did NOT love me no, no ,no!
Sorry dear diary but reality is harsh for me these days.
Not like then…when we were together.
It’s dark and the moon is out still.  It figures.. being ‘moon’
day and all. The spanish call it ‘Lunes’–Lunar. Laurie
was Mexican, but she didn’t speak spanish.–B.

DIENSTAG 11:42pm

Dear Diary,
Today was better than yesterday, I’ll give it that much. After
a long day at the shop I went to a crummy bar for some beers
and bliss. I got the beers but not the bliss. Turns out I was
talking to some other guy’s girl while he was in the John.
We got into fisticuffs and the bouncer that broke it up told me not
to come back-as the other guy went back in for another drink.
I told him he coulnd’t pay me to step foot in that crap-hole again.
In spanish today is ‘Martes’, or Mars-Day. Yeah, the Roman god
of war. Figures that I’d get into a fight.–B.

MITTWOCH 11:06pm

Dear Diary,
I can’t believe what a good day it was. After work I went to the Irish pub
and met a pretty girl. Her name was Beverly. I bought her some drinks
and we danced and she even got me to sing karaoke–’I am the walrus
goo-goo-gachoo!’ I gave her my phone number and she said she’d call me tomorrow
for drinks. Ah, what a great night.–B.



Dear Diary,
Well, Beverly didn’t call me, but I’m okay. Instead of going out and wasting
money on the devil’s drink I caught the tail end of mass at the cathedral.
I don’t know why I stopped going to church, it was great. Even ran into Ben
and Robert. So yeah, it was good.–B.



Dear Diary,
It seems like you’re the only friend that I’ve got these days. It was slow
at work so Jeff let me go early. No message from Shirley, or Beverly, or whatever that
womans’ name was. I called Jason to see if he’d go to the club and shoot
some pool, like the good old days, but he had some things going on with his family.
Then I called Ben, but he was just on his way out the door with Kallie
and the kids, too. I ended up just renting some movies and refilling my liquor
cabinet. Here’s to the wonderful wizard of Oz and white wolf vodka!–B.


SAMSTAG 10:58am

Dear Diary,
Woke way too eary to the tune of ‘she loves you yeah, yeah, yeah yet again. She may love
YOU dear diary, but not me. No not me. I wish that girl would call. Even just
to yell me shes not interested. Man..I’m so wasted.–B.


SONNTAG 3:30amDear Diary,
Happy Sunday. In spanish they say ‘Domingo’, as in God. Well, I’ll be seeing you soon, God,
as I’m swallowing sleeping pill by sleeping pill and washing them down with this
strong drink…as we speak. Hey I’m a poet. I dunt no now…..Iz it goooooood? Gud or knot?
I’m sorry mom for not being the son you wanted. I’m so, so…so..so..





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