The Shredder (based on true events) _S*

Would you like to know how cool my older sister was? I’ll assume you do, since you are reading this… Okay: When I was very young I got all four ninja turtle action figures (Leo, Mikey, Don and Raph) for my birthday. That was great, but I was sad that I had no bad guy (namely, the Shredder) to battle with. I asked my parents over and over again for him, but we were just too poor. My sister Jessica saw my plight and offered the suggestion  that I buy Shredder myself. “How?” I asked. She gave me her fanny pack and told me to look around the house for loose change. So I did. After many hours of searching I had the money to buy the Shredder.

It wasn’t until years later, after Jess had passed away (from cancer), that my mom told me that Jessica had taken the money from her own piggy bank and planted it around the house for me to find.

I love you Jessica. You’ll never be forgotten.




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