Bad Luck _S*

Once upon a night, in Pepper Lake Pond,

I was walking home down Rue Street when I noticed something crossing my path. ‘A rat, perhaps?’ Nay! Upon closer inspection, I realized that it was infact a cat; and not just any cat- a cat that was so black that it looked like the inside of a coffin on a moonless night kind of black cat!

I cursed! UN                                                                                                              

Then I went after the wretched vermin to kill it (and to kill the curse) but it was to quick for me. Moments later I was struck by lightning and then hit by a car!

Twice I cursed!  DEUX

I limped slowly to the sidewalk. Once I recovered my strength, I sped up limp to avoid any unwanted future calamity; but to no avail- a car drove by spraying bullets at a house and one hit me in the head.

Curse!   TROIS

I stumbled to the curb and some passer-by bumped into me; and before I knew it I was in the middle of theroad and was hit by a grey hound bus.

Curse.    QUATRE

Bloodied and barely able to speak, I asked for the time, but was instead given a stab with a knife!

Curse!     CINQ

Finally I made it to my apartment where, of course, the elevator was out of order; so I had to take the stairs. By now a bit tired, I fell down two flights of stairs.

Double curse!! (Not one, but two flights, mind you).      SIX        SEPT

Upon entering my apartment, my roommate pushed me out the window!

Curse!        HUIT

I have only one life left. Oh, did I happen to mention that I’m a cat?





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