As the Deer _S*

“As the deer panteth for the water
So my soul longeth after Thee”-Martin, J. 1984
I was stranded in the forest.
It was my own fucking fault, I never should have gone away from the other fruity, happy-go-lucky hikers; but I couldn’t help it- they were so lame-stopping every seven seconds to take a stupid photograph!
After two days alone and many hours without water, as I sat beside a great Redwood tree, I saw a deer in the far distance.
It was no ordinary deer, of that much I am certain.
I walked towards the radiant being as a dying man walks towards the bright light.
It would not move!
So I shouted at it, but it would not move.
Only it did move, because it’s eyes were growing brighter and brighter.
Fearfully, I picked up a rock and flung it as hard as I could (I used to be second-string quarterback of my high school football team-Go Spartans!) at the beast, but still it advanced.
Then it was suddenly close enough so that I could see it’s mouth open and the red in the back of it’s throat, but all the fucking deer said was “BLEEEEEEEEEEEP!”
Was the goddamn deer honking at me?
                                                                                           * Newspaper Excerpt:
On Friday of last week, a man was struck by a Greyhound bus in the middle of the night. He had no identification on his person and no one has yet to identify him;
but thanks to the article that we ran in  last Sunday’s edition of THE WEEKLY DESERT, someone has come forward, and the man has been identified as forty three year old Russell Stilman of Erie, Pennsylvania.
He was hiking with his wife, Jo Ann, and a group of twenty three other tourists. He wandered off alone, somehow,and …
He is survived by five children.

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