I Machine [Is It worth It?] _S*

The Year Is 3016CE (common era)


I didn’t mean to.

I know that you hear those words all the time and they don’t make sense-not to the rational mind, anyway; but I really didn’t- mean to.

It all started with a tooth ache. A really head-wrenching one where it hurts so bad that nothing in the matter seems to world (wait, strike that and reverse it). I blame Willy Wonka (not Gene or Johnny; rather, the real Willy) and those stupid everlasting gobstoppers. I had to go to the dentist and get this tooth pulled, and they gave me a silver one to replace it- I couldn’t afford gold. After the procedure, when I was going to sleep I would sometimes hear radio signals in my head. They were never good stations either.

The following year I broke my arm and they (the good people at St Joseph’s Hospital) had to put me under. Without my permission to do so, they replaced my bone with a metal one. They said afterwards that it was the only thing they could reasonably do. Damn them forever!

Injuries and replacements went on over the years until now I am seventy two years old and the only thing natural about me is my brain. My brain, however, can be replaced too-with a micro chip; but I fear that I would no longer be myself. I am told that I would be able to speak every language and solve any math problem, however my own past I would be oblivious too.

Is it worth it?




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