From The Chronicles of Jason the Ally Hero (inspired by true events) _S*



One day seven year old Jason came home to his mother with one eye blue and the other one black. “What happened to you, son?” shouted his mother upon seeing him.

“Ally Boy hit me.” Here she began to get red. His mother knew all abou ‘Ally Boy’, who lived a block down the street. Jason referred to him as such because his house was literally ‘in the ally.’

“Why did he hit you, Jason?” Jason didn’t know how to answer because the truth was so stupid, but he went with the truth anyway. “Because I didn’t have any socks. Ally boy said that I was rich and should give him my socks, even though he was already wearing socks.”

His mother raised an eye brow and smiled. “Did he, now?”

The next day while Jason was walking to school he heard, “Hey, rich brat!” Jason closed his eyes, kept walking and tried to ignore the older, bigger boy. “Het, stupid, I’m talking to you! Hey rich kid!” Ally Boy shouted. Jason kept walking. Finally, Ally Boy ran right up in front of Jason and said, “Didn’t you hear me, faggot?! He pushed Jason hard in the chest and Jason fell down. “Give me your socks you little dork!” shouted Ally Boy with a laugh. By this time everyone that was waiting for the school bus had gathered around to see what would happen. No one would dare talk back to Ally Boy.

“Okay.” said Jason, reaching into his pocket and grabbed a tube sock filled with rocks from his front lawn. ” I’ll give you a ‘sock’ Ally Boy!” Jason said swinging the weopon in a circle to gain momentum. Ally boy stepped back but suddenly Jason dropped the stones down on Ally Boy’s right shoulder-hard. “AHHHHHH!” Ally Boy cried.

“What was that for you little, jerk, I was only joking!” Jason pulled out the other sock and spun it fast and then finally released it into Ally Boy’s face. It hit him square in the nose and blood spat everywhere. The other kids were amazed and cheered Jason on. Ally boy began crying.

“What’s the matter little baby, can’t take it?” taunted one of the boys that Ally Boy had beat up the day before.

“Yeah, what’s the matter, tough guy?” said the girl whose lunches Ally Boy frequently stole.

Suddenly a rock hit ally boy in the back. Then another in the leg. “Stop it, I’ll tell!” Ally boy cursed.”

“Tell who, faggot?” said Billy, who’s tooth Ally Boy had knocked out weeks before with a punch.”

“That’s enough everyone!” shouted Jason. The crowd was quiet. “Go home and tell your mommy what happened, Ally Boy. We’re gonna tell, too.

Ally Boy limped slowly away home; everyone went up to Jason to thank him giving him gum, candy, even their most cherished baseball cards. Jason tried to refuse the gifts, but they were too many and had to accept some.






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