My Favorite Babysitter (inspired by true events) _S*

When I was young (in or around the fifth grade) my single working mother would often drop me off at her good friends house for supervision during the summer days while she was busy at work to support us kids–sorry, but dad was in ‘la la’ land, as my Grandma would put it.

Mike & Kathy were Momma’s friends ever since high school and they had kids that were my older brothers, younger sisters and my age. Brandie was the oldest and had already flown the coup, so to speak. Jaime was a few years older than me and I worshiped the ground that she walked on. Adam was a few years younger than me and we were pals.

What was so cool about their house, though, was that it was like a Blockbuster or Hollywood video store. You remember VHS tapes, right? You know, before DVD AND BLU-RAY and digital streaming and all that jazz when we used to RENT movies!?

SOOOOOOOOO………Kathy would buy the plastic cases from a local video rental shop and put their movies in them because they had so many movies- I kid you was CRAZY how many videos were book shelved along the walls of the house-literally several hundreds! On the side of each movie was the name and a number–I remember ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Warriors was number 247– and there were address books that alphabetically filed the selections. For instance you could go to the letter ‘F’ and find ‘Falling Down’ starring the great Michael Douglas-rated R–number 313.

That was the other cool thing. I could watch rated R movies like it was no big deal and I could pick whatever I wanted because Jamie and Adam had already seen them before. That was unless Kathy got a new movie. Then it was lights out and popcorn time! Jamie was such a sweetheart, she would often cook dinner for us.

One of the scariest movies that I have ever seen (perhaps THE scariest) was at their house and it was not the scary movie called ‘House’-which was also scary- it was John Carpenter’s In the Mouth Of Madness!!! Oh my. Also Flowers in the Attic and The People Under the Stairs were a bit off a brain buster.

I’ll always have those fond memories of hanging out at my ‘aunt’ and ‘uncle’ Hendrick’s house!



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