Ryan, Juva! (based on true events) _S*

“Corvus oculum corvi non eruit.”

Before I went to Lincoln High School, I went to Lodi H.S. for one brief quarter. To be honest with you, I wasn’t doing to good in Lodi and my grades showed it. Perhaps I was hanging out with “the wrong crowd” as my mother later suggested.

One day in the cafeteria, my Sophmore friend Chris (I was only a freshman) got into it with another Sophmore named Ben. They had some words and then agreed to meet at the corner after school so that they would not get in trouble for fighting (the corner was off campus, you see). Since I was with Chris when the altercation occurred, I felt it my friendship duty to be there when it ‘went down’.

When Chris and our friends Andy, Brandon and myself got to the corner, there were nine or ten guys besides Ben waiting. Chris took off his shirt and went right for Ben, punching him square in the nose. Immediately the other guys jumped in and began attacking my friend on all sides. I looked to my right and saw that Brandon had run away; to my left Andy stood frightened. I would have help Chris myself. I took off my back pack and ran in- drop kicking one guy in the back as he was about to swing at my friend from behind while he was taking on one of the others. He fell, but when the other guys saw that I’d joined in, they quickly began attacking me as well. Punch punch punch!

Suddenly in the distance I hear “GET THE F#CK AWAY FROM MY COUSIN!”  and the guy that had me in a headlock let go. I looked up to see a pickup truck with a tailgate full of Seniors at the curb. It was my cousin Ryan and his buddies! Now the odds turned in our favor as the seniors smashed on Ben and his Bullies.

“Are you okay, Douglas?” Ryan came up to me, concerned. “I’m fine cuz.” As we spoke, Ben and his gang were running for their lives. I think God smiled that day, I know I did. Thank you Ryan, for standing up for family, even when family might not be in the right.



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