The Secret Drink _S*


John could not stand it.
There was a tall cup of liquid standing in front of him
on the table and no one was near it.
‘I’m SOO thirsty’ he thought. ‘It might even be BEER!’
Channler, a female security guard of the Ender Wiggen Center walked up.
“What’s up, John?” she asked.
“Oh, nothing, just drinking my juice.” he said, picking
up the cup and taking a drink.
‘PAW!!’ He spit it out.
“What’s the matter, not good, she laughed.
“Someone pissed in it!” he screamed at her.
Frank, Channler’s partner, was walking up and laughed. An hour ago he had peed into the
cup and had given it to Channler to set on the table.
The two had waited around patiently, neglecting their other duties; but it was
so worth the wait.
Sensing what had happened, John lunged at Frank,
“It was YOU, You SON OF A-”
Channler had pulled out her tazer and shot John in the butt with it.
Just then, John’s friend, Paul, came walking up and rushed at Channler.
Coincedently, Joey, the Chef, had been nearby training his pigons and
saw the commotion. He whistled the specific commands and his pigons
began diving at Paul.
“Aww!” he screamed.
By now John had pulled the tazer pelts off of his butt and began running
towards Joey. Joey simply whistled again and his
pigons reassembled, this time over the charging man, and began
pooping on him.
“NO, NO NO!” he yelled.
“YES, YES YES! Joey yelled, twisting his beard in ecstasy.




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