The Haunting of the Black Ghost _S*


Seven year old Nathan saw something pass by out of the corner of his eye. Immediately
he dropped his favorite Ninja Turtle action figure and looked towards the hall to
see nothing.
“Chloe, was that you?
The dachshund named Chloe suddenly appeared out of a pile of dirty clothes and
looked and Nathan curiously with her head tilted.
“Hmm..” Nathan wondered.
Suddenly there was a sound like a flag blowing in the wind and Nathan looked up
towards the hallway in time to see what appeared to be a black sheet. It dissapeared almost as suddenly as he had seen it, though.
“Who’s there?!” He shouted, trying to sound mad, even though he was
totally scared out of his mind.
He knew that it couldn’t be his mom, she had come in his bedroom twenty minutes
earlier to announce that she and his older sister Kayla were going to the grocery store. They would not be back home for another hour or so.
In fact, she had even invited him along.
Nathan would much rather stay at home with Grandpa so he could play with
his toys…the store was boring.
‘Swish!’ went the sound again and this time Nathan saw a figure; it looked
to him like a black ghost. Then it went away.
“Kate? Kate, is that you? If it is, this is not funny.” he said loudly.
“Grandpa, Kate’s, messing with me.” he yelled to the living room to get his Grandpa
Doug’s attention, who was watching the Raiders play the 49er’s on television.
“Your sister went to her friend’s house to practice trombone.” he gumped.
“Try to keep it down will, ya, or come in here…the Raider’s are doing pretty good today.”

If there was anything Nathan could not stand more than going to the grocery store,
it was watching football on t.v.
Still, he was starting to get really scared now, so decided
to go in the living room with Grandpa anyway.
“C’mon Chlo, it’s boring in here.”
Just as he was about to get up he saw the ghost again. Only this
time it was coming slowly towards him.
“AHHHHHH!” he screamed.
“Keep it down, Nate!” Grandpa shouted back, turning the volume on the
television up very high.
“D-D-D-D-Don’t h-h-h–h-hurt….me, please…” Nathan said, crouching down next
to Chloe, who was now whimpering with terror.
Suddenly the black sheet came off and Nathan saw his sister Katelynn
grinning widely.
“Boo!” she said.
“oh, you jerk!” Nathan laughed.
“I got you so good, buddy.”
The two laughed for a bit until finally Nathan asked
her, “Kate?”
“Why did you use a black sheet instead of a white one? Aren’t ghosts
supposed to be white.”
“Well,” Katelynn began as a matter of factly, “only the ones
that haunt during the night; and since it’s day time, the ghosts are black.”
“Oh.” Nathan said with a sudden understanding. “Good point.”



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