The Minstrels *S.

Iampridem…or; once upon a time,

I was sitting beneath my favorite weeping willow tree, when I looked up and I saw two people sitting on a branch.

So I strummed a G  Major chord on the Ukulele and sang:

“Channler and Kendra sitting in a tree….” I switch to the E Minor chord here, “K-I-S-S-I-N-G!”

They stopped what they were doing and looked down at me, “Norman, what the funk?!” Kendra says as she snatches my Ukulele and plays something in the key of C whilst Channler sings:

“Milton knows, how to pose for health. Donna helps us, gelps, um, helps herself! Kathy talk and checks people in, as does Bob and he does it with a grin!”

Kendra tosses my Ukulele to Channler, who continues a G Major E Minor C Major D Diminished chord progression and sings:

“Here comes Zander, cursing up a storm, Kally and Jana are lookin’ at Norm!”

“Hey!” I shout, “no fair!”

All’s fair Frank shouts from a distance.

“MaryKate comes from the state of Kansas, her firm ripe tomatoes are a hit because they fed us!” Channler continued, “Adam with a grin in his wheel chair, naughty naughty pictures at they he’d stare. Julie drinking once too often, ’till her temper gotten rotten–”

“ENOUGH!” shouted.

“My darling muses, the hour grows late and there is so much to do.”


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