Before They Share Themselves *S.


Long, long ago…before the dinosaurs, the Xtlelpnots, and the Faloosh; there was a human-like race on the planet Neptune. They are called Anjellans. Compared to our world these people may seem post-evolved; for they have long since put behind them acts of violence and war. They built giant ships that can travel through outer space faster than the speed of light. They sought out life comparable to their own. They found the planet Earth in our Milky Way Galaxy (which they refer to as the Muddy Road) and looked upon us as a lesser species. They’re there. They are out there….waiting. Waiting for us to unify as a human race so that they can then share their technology with us. For the time being, I am told, we are not yet mature to handle such instruments. The Anjellans of Neptune await the day that Earth is ‘one people’ without war or conflict before they share themselves.


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