She Felt Hungry *S.



The old man touched the young woman’s cheek and said: “Ancilla…ater…”


Lexi got out of bed and went to the
bathroom in a rush, vomiting black bile along the way.
She stood in front of the mirror and looked at her
naked body. There were
black marks scattered all over.
“Dios mio…” she whispered.

2 DAYS & 4 1/2 HOURS AGO

“Listen, you old bag, I’m not giving you
a single dime! You’ll just spend it on booze!” Lexi
Ellsworth screamed at the old decrepid man.
He then reached for something inside of his coat,
raised it above his head, and then
forcefully brought it down upon hers.


When Lexi awoke, the old man had his hand upon her cheek
and was saying something in another language. “…bestia…”


Lexi began putting on clothing, and as she did, noticed that her
hands had become completely black in color
and were hairy…black hair…


“Has there been any change in your diet within the last thirty six hours, Ms. Ellsworth?”
asked Doctor Aperuit.
“No.” Lexi sobbed.
“I’ll be blunt, I’ve never seen anything like
this. I’ll run some more tests on your blood and get
back with you soon.


Lexi was running frantically through a dark forest when
she heard laughter from above her- high above her.
She stepped into a clearing and looked up at the moon, only
it was not the moon that Lexi saw;
rather, the face of the old decrepid man…and he was smiling at her.
“Gratiae, ancilla…gratiae!” he said.
The face began to get bigger, and she realized then that the moon (the
old man) was flying down towards her and a frightenly quick pace-
with gnarled claws for fingers outstretched at her.
He opened his mouth to bare
gigantic, razor sharp fangs.
Lexi sat up in bed with her hands guarding her face.
She got out of bed and ran to the bathroom.
In the mirror she beheld a horrible beast.
It certainly was not her, was it?
It looked like a ravenous black dog…
almost like she imagined a werewolf to look like.
She ran back to bed in a torrent but then stopped in front of the window,
opening the curtains.
The moon was full and it’s light shown brightly
through her window.

She tried to scream, but only a howl escaped her lips.
Lexi ran from her bedroom,
across the hallway and to the front door of
her house.
She tried frantically to open the door, but she could not
turn the door handle with her…paws!
Then the door opened and the old man
appeared before her.
“Imetus, ancilla…impetus!” he roared
in a crackly voice.
Suddenly hatred ran through Lexi’s veins and she
leaped violently at the man’s throat,
ripping it out with a single bite.
He then fell before her and she looked down on him
with wanting, hungry eyes.
On all fours she backed away from the old man
and wondered what she had become.
Then she wondered no more. She only felt…she felt hungry.


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