Floor–Trash–Window (4 Poems) _P*



                        Table of Contents:

Like Peter
The Two Men & Myself
Tell Me Why



He mops the floor
where many have walked,
where she and I talked…
he mops the floor.

He empties the trash
where they threw away,
what you and I ate…
he empties the trash.

He washes the window
that many have passed,
where we looked through the glass…
he washes the window.

Like Peter

Like Peter..chasing..his shadow…
so I.. followed.. you..
to a table, took up a chair;
your eyes..were..so blue.

The sun went down.
You went down..to the train stop.

I got up
When the sun came up..seen the plane drop

Like Peter..fighting..the Captain…
so I.. fought..with you..
for a mile, the wheels fell;
and my..face..went blue.

The Two Men & Myself

I met a homeless man
with more change to spare than
a man
with a home.
Where would they go?
Where would I-
for that matter?
Well I’d go no place that day
with neither work or play.
The homeless man worked
while the other man wandered;
the homeless man sat
while the other man pondered.
I pondered them both.

Tell Me Why

It all began with the letter: S.
There was so much that S. and I professed;
though I did, in time, protest:
and so she went.
Let us not forget, though: Alex, Coutney, Misty or Daina.
Then there was J. far away, for many a year
until A.
Then there was K.
Which brings me to L. and that she cast
for years, no more fears until the tears came so swift.
Then back again to A. for a day–rather, a night.
Now then came K. in my life oh so bright.
K. went away, what a shame, a disgrace.
Another K. came, put a smile on my face.
Let us not forget Dani H..what a saint,
was too young, and I was too weighed
with the guilt from before–she was the calm in the storm.
Ruby lips, autumn hair with blue eyes like arctic water.
I’d like to know L. just once more ‘fore I go
or else tell me why, oh what was it for.


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