Ex-Girlfriends (7 Acrostic Poems) _P*


TABLE OF contents:

(Courtney) Disappeared in the Moon
(Daina) & My Brief Love
(Alexandra) ‘s First Kiss
(Sarah) And..
(Misty) ‘s Smokey Lips
(Danielle) You Were Sweet
(Lorena) Left..Not Right

(Courtney) Disappeared in the Moon

Cute as can be and
Onry as the sea
Under the moon we
Realized our doom.
The glasses you wore
Never saw into me and
Everything that was..
You disappeared in the moon.

(Daina) & My Brief Love

Did one night of kissing
And cuddling leave you
In love with a man
Never meant to be with you,
And leave you alone?

(Alexandra) ‘s First Kiss

Always remember the
Leaves in the park, where w-
E plated that game. You were e-
Xactly the same
As my first kiss.
Now and forever I’ll compare that kiss as I
Drift into
Realization that
In hesitation, I became
A part of you.

(Sarah) And..

So many times did we
Awkwardly…walk away
Rather spent and beat from the love th-
At we made, it was
Heavy…so deep and so true.

(Misty) ‘s Smokey Lips

Most of our kissing
I tasted, there, smoke on your tongue
So long, my love

(Danielle) You Were Sweet
Dreams couldn’t beat the taste
And the sweetness of you.
Needless to say, far away
I did go- as did you. Apartm-
Ent Twelve, where you were, where I was so sure; and I
Loved to go..but now
Low and behold: our D
Ecember is gone, I’m left to read about it in the notes that I made.

(Lorena) Left..Not Right

Love in the truest,
Oh, how I blew it.
Realazation came slow,
Eventually it did, though.
Never a friend, I have had since then;
And I’ll always love you so.


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