Barry _S**

Chapter: 1 The Beautiful Storm


When Barry stepped out into the rain from the warmness
of the Weigands center he thought, “What a beautiful
“Barry, hey Barry, over here.”
He knew the voice and dreaded to turn and see her.
“Kathy, hi!” he said feigning a smile.
Kathy immediately came in close and hugged him tight.
He patted her on the back but finally had to pull himself
away, as she would not let go of him on her own.

“Where are you going, Big Bear?”
He hated the nick name and she knew it.
“Out of the rain.” he said dryly.
“Well-” she began.
“I’ll talk to you later.” he interrupted and walked along.
Barry walked as fast as he could to get away from
Kathy. Sure, he found her attractive, so attractive
that he was now semi aroused from their brief encounter,
but he could not stand the things she said once she
started talking; and once ‘Chatty’ Kathy got started,
there was no stopping her.

“Wait.” he heard from behind him. “Crap.” he thought.
He turned and to his surprise saw Kallie, the girl who
worked the front desk at the Weigands Center.
She held out a black umbrella with a smile. His black umbrella
“You forgot this, you handsome man.” she said with a smile.
He smiled back in spite of trying to act cool. He had had
quite the crush on the doe eyed Kallie for as long as he
could remember.
“It’s not mine.” he said.
I know, it’s mine.” she said with a half smile that made her even more beautiful.
“But-” he began.
“But nothing, take it fast, I’ve gotta get back to the front desk.”
He smiled wider. “You’re a life saver, darling.”
“You know it.” She said leaning in close and kissing him on
the cheek.
“See you tomorrow, Barry.”
“See you tomorrow, Kallie.”

Barry opened the black umbrella and walked deeper into the rain.
“What a beautiful storm.” He thought. “What a beautiful fucking storm!”



Chapter: 2 The Little Poke


Just as Barry was thinking about how he might finally ask Kallie out on a date tonight, he felt something stab him in the ankle. He looked down and saw an old scary man with a scraggly beard staring up at him with one eye either closed or missing- Barry couldn’t tell which on first inspection.
“Gimme me gold mutta fukka!” the old man said in a high tenor pitched voice. Barry began to bend down to defend himself against the wee attacker when the little man stabbed him again with a long pointy stick.

“Son of a bitch!” he yelled out in pain.
“Gimme me gold and ye’ll be harmed no the more.” ‘No the more? Fuck this.” he thought.
Barry pulled his right leg back (the leg that had yet to be poked) and kicked the wee man in his middle torso like a football; and indeed, the man was much the size of a football, just an inch or so taller. He went flying. Barry could barely make out where the man (‘man?’) landed because of the blindingly intense rain.

Slowly he walked towards the general area of where the man had went.
“Barry!” a voice called from behind.
“Fuck!” he screamed. “Who-?” He began.
“What are you doing in the rain?” Kathy asked, holding her own red umbrella and smiling so wide that Barry could just about see her tonsils.
“I dropped my phone.” he lied, still in shock at what had just occurred.
“Yeah right,” came the familiar voice of Normy from the other direction. “You’re drunk as shit!”
“I’m actually just..”  Barry began when suddenly the wee man was running full force behind his friend Normy with that damn spear of his. “Look out!” he tried to warn him. Too late.



Chapter:3 Don’t Ask


Normy screamed as the tiny spear went in one side of his calf and out the other, and fell to the ground screaming loudly in pain.
Barry reacted quickly and ran after the little man. “Gottcha!” he cried, picking him up. The little guy stabbed towards Barry’s face but Barry moved just in time. “Oh no you don’t!”
Barry dropped the wee man and punted him another couple of feet and the little man ran away crying: “I’ll get thee yet, fucker!”
“What the hell was that fucking thing?” Normy managed to blurt out. “It’s not human, whatever it was.” said Kathy. “It was a leprechaun.” said Barry. “It was a fucking leprechaun, and he wants something that I have…God help me.

“Quick you guys. Follow me!” Barry and Kathy foiled their friend towards the house across the street. “Who lives here?” asked Kathy. Normy looked back at her, smiled and said  “Don’t ask.”






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