The Smoker (parts 1 & 2 of 6) __S**

The Smoker: The Fascination part 1 of 6

It was an ominous evening when Trudy Trodwell was serving dinner at St. Mary’s Dining Hall in Pepper Lake City.

She handed a tray of hot food to a man and their fingers touched, for just a moment; but that moment was long enough to send shivers up Trudy’s spine. Trudy, you see, was a religious fundamentalist of a faith whose name need not be mentioned. She looked at the man carefully, and he winked back at her, as though to flirt, but Trudy took it another way: this man was a demon! At least, he had a demon IN him. It was Judy’s duty to kill demons; that was why she volunteered here every Sunday rather than attend church where the ‘normal’ people went.

She took off her apron and told Joey, the kitchen coordinator, that she was leaving. “Why so early?” he asked her. “I’m not feeling well.” she lied. It was okay to lie for her faith.

She went out to her car and waited.


The Smoker: The Stalk part 2 of 6

As the man, whose name was actually Alfred, left the dining hall Trudy followed discreetly in her black volkswagon beetle-which was as quiet as a cat.

She followed him for almost an hour until finally he went to the Street House homeless shelter.

The next night Trudy waited for Alex again.

The night after that she followed him yet again; and noticed a pattern: he would always go straight to Earth Fitness Gym and take cigarette butts from the ashtray and smoke one. Next he would go to Joseph’s Market and empty their ashtray; and so on and so forth until he reached the shelter.

Tonight Trudy goes to the Earth Fitness Gym and takes all the butts. She replaces them with her own that she laced with a sleeping chemical that was sort of like the drug L.S.D. and waited in her Beetle.

Right on time. Here came her prey.



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