Upon his shoulder _S**

The first thing that Ada noticed was that the chair that he sat upon, was warm.

“He’s been here!” He thought to himself,
“I’ll finally catch him!”

Suddenly then, a light hand pressed tight on his shoulder and
there was a sound of a blade slicing
through flesh.”In the name of Seth!” shouted
a voice from behind Ada, who had just
this week become a man.Ada felt warmth flowing down his neck.He knew the voice of his cousin Enoch,
but his own voice betrayed him as he tried to
say ‘friend’.Ada closed his eyes and saw no more.

Enoch knelt down to put  silver coins over
each of the infidel’s eyes when his own eyes opened
wide and his mouth fell agape.

“Ada…” he whispered. Then “Ada!” he screamed.
With love and loss he screamed.He looked down to see the book that had dropped from
the infidel’s fingers.
It was leather bound.He picked it up and opened it; he then read the inscription written behind the cover:
“To my Cousin, Enoch Adams,
may your twenty third be as blessed as your birth.
I know that its been a long time since we’ve seen each other,
and I regret every word that I said to you the last time
that we were together. You’re a good man, Enoch,
I love you as my best cousin.

A tear dropped onto the page from Enoch’s eye, which smudged the
new ink. Then a light hand was pressed upon his own shoulder….there was the sound of a blade slicing.



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