A Poem Within A Story _P**


Kathy was my best friend for

a time, and that
time was great; infact there
has not been a time since then that
you could say I was happier.

Cared for me, she did, like
another woman that I once knew.
Mary, her name was, and she was
everything to me then.

Back then, though, things were
a bit different.
Can you guess why? If
Kristie knew why, I would be in trouble

so I will refrain.
Hopefully I will fe-
el again as I did when I was with Kathy,

her holding me so tight.
Under the night sky we would sit to-
Great, were those times when
everything made sense.
Do you understand?

Myself, sometimes I
even forget.

often, it seems,

too often, infact.
Ignore the “-‘s” if you can or
go away and never understand
how i-
t felt to be me way back then.

Kathy did not
always mind her manners,
Half the time it was difficult,
you see, just to be around her.

Completely disagreeable sometimes, even;
and there were great times as well, like I have
mentioned before.
Every time she sang I would listen,

because she never sang I never listened.
Actually I did listen with one ear open and the other
closed so that I could reason.
Kristie listens.

Infact, sometimes I think she does-
n’t say enough.

The other day I
heard the wind blowing,
even though she was talking.

My word,
did think,
doesn’t she get any
Even so, I do adore her.

Often I wonder i-
f she left me, whether I would be okay.

Together we are
Every time she smiles I go wild.

Next time that
I see Kathy I will
go with her to her
home and play
the song I wrote for her on the piano.

She kept the piano t-
hat I gave to h-

Some sad day when
autumn is here, I will play
that song for her.

On an autumn day, because that is whe-
n she comes around.

My girlfriend now does not like when I speak,
you see, of Kathy.

Lately we h-
ave not been
playing well together. We never

compliment each other.
Although I
love her, I am not in
love with h-
er. Sa-
d, I think.

My, how the tim-
e flies when you’re happy;

and time has been stagnent.

Sometimes I i-
magine Kristie and Kathy,
often they end up fighting over me.
Kathy usually wins th-
e fight.
Rough one, she is.

On days like this one it is
hot in my home.

Way too cold to go out of my
home, though,
you see.

Gather around, all you
readers, together in hopes of
enjoying one
another’s company
that you may be happier than you were.

Laugh or cry,
I do not care which. Then
go to the mountain, way up
high in
the sky at
night and
imagine that you are a
new creation of

God would like that
of course,
don’t you think?

Do y-

I do.

Sadly I must wrap
this up because the poem
is coming to its close.
Laugh if you wil-
l, or cry;

as I have alrea-
dy said, I d-
o not care which.
Remember th-
e great love t-

hat I have had for you.
Everytime you
remember this, you may smile.

Kathy will smile
a little when she sees me again.
That will make me
you see.

Can you count to one hundred without
a single blink?
Myself? Not a snowball’s chanc-
e in Hell.

Back when I was
a baby I
could, or so my Aunt

would tell me.
Eventually my girlfriend Kristie will no longer

have me
and I will be sa-
d. Today I am happy.

Are you still with me.
No offence will be taken if you leave early.
Only do not forget
the acrostic poem wit-
hin this story. Infact, th-
e main point was to share it.
Remember my love for you, even if we have never met.

Fight for your right to not fight,
if you can.
Get a haircut only w-
hen you wan
t. Goodbye.



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