Inside the Apple _S**


One day, before moving to Pepper Pond City, while I drove my nephew home from school one day (he had to leave early that day for not obeying the will of his teacher) I asked him how his day went.

He was silent.

It was my duty then, I felt, to cheer the young lad up. So I asked him what he had learned that day at school. He began telling me about this and before too long I was pulling in the driveway to my house. I could tell from the way that he spoke, that he didn’t learn anything at all. Or at least nothing really worth knowing.

So I asked him,”Did your teacher teach you how to hear that which cannot be heard or know what cannot be known?” he made a funny face, thinking very hard before answering. “Um. No. That wasn’t in any of our lessons.” he said to me.

“Go outside and get me an apple from the tree.” I then said. Nathan ran outside to pick an apple from the tree in the back yard. He picked a red apple rather than a green one, I mentally noted.

“Now cut the apple in half,” I instructed. He cut it in half.

“What do you see?” I asked.
“I see the seeds, Uncle.”

“Cut one of those seeds in half.” I further instructed my curious nephew.
This was not easy for him, though, as he was only seven years old and apple seeds are very small. Finally, after three failed attempts, Nathan managed to slice one of the seeds evenly.

“What do you see?” I asked.
Nathan was baffled.
“What do you mean Uncle? There’s nothing there.”

I crouched down and looked him in the eyes, speaking solemnly I said, “An enormous tree grows out of that nothing. When you understand what that nothing is, you will understand yourself. The nothing that you can’t see is the creative power out of which the tree grows.
That unimaginable essence is also what you are. You are that, Nathan.”

After a moment of silence I said, “Pour some salt into this bucket of water.” Nathan did.
“Now give me the salt back.” I told him.
“I can’t.” Nathan said. “There’s none left.”
“Take a sip of the water.” I urged him. He did.

“You taste the salt, don’t you? You can’t see it, yet its still there.
Just as salt is in the water, so the power of all things is in your body. That power of all things are in you.

You are that, Nathan.”




*Based on a Hindu tale



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