The Noises Grow Louder _S**

My name is Arthur High Sel. My name is of little importance, I just thought that you would like to know; but what is important is that I inherited High Sel Manor
from my Uncle Luigi, who disappeared nearly a year ago to this day.

Everything that he owned was left in the manor and it had been my job to go through the contents and divide them up
between myself and my two brothers- Edgar and Stephen. I was happy to do so; although Stephen and Edgar
are quite greedy; they were not fond of our Uncle, so I left them each one of my Uncle’s pets:
a great dane called Apollo for Stephen and a black Cat named Raven for Edgar. Stephen had Apollo put to sleep and Edgar gave the cat up for adoption. Like I said, they were not fond of my uncle, but I digress.

The whole of the house was Uncle Luigi left it, except for his study,
which was a mess. I suspect that prowlers or vagrants broke in looking for money or shelter at some point, money which he kept almost exclusively in banks.
At least, that is what I believed until I found my late uncle’s journal quite recently-
which was hidden under a floor board near the computer desk that I now sit at composing what you are now reading, if it has survived.
Now I do not know what to believe, however. I now share with you some of his entries:

May 9th 2025
I returned home today- I am thrilled to be here. This house has been in my family for nearly five hundred years!
High Sel Manor has been abandoned the past sixty years, so there is much work to be done.
The first thing I noticed was the inscription on the black iron gate-V-H-S. Von High Sel.
It was during the war that our family dropped the Von- as it was against the Germans our country was fighting and
the ‘Von’ pointed a red finger at us….

May 26th 2025
I have completely settled in- the cobwebs have been cleared of the manor and the “creative juices” are flowing in my blood.
I have a great idea for a story and all the time in the world to compose it. This house. Being in my ancestral home gives me,
I don’t know, a feeling of power that I have never known before and cannot quite explain….

June 2nd 2025
I have already written the first six chapters! I can barely believe how easy it is! I don’t know why I never took up writing earlier.
The ideas and words are just pouring out of me like the whiskey I pour into the glass before I write- so fluid.
I don’t know where the ideas are coming from and I must admit that at times I am almost ashamed at what I have written…so dark, so very dark, indeed.
The details of the deaths of my characters are very grim, to say the very least…

June 15th 2025
Something very strange has happened and I feel that it is worth noting here. I was reading the newspaper today and,
out of mere curiosity, I happened to glance at the obituaries-which I nearly never do.
I read of a strange murder. There was a twenty three year old man who, after failing to hang himself, shot himself in the head.
That, in and of itself is not so strange, except that last night I wrote of a man who died the exact same way!
Could this be mere coincidence? Perhaps. Still, I am very disturbed…

June 16th 2025
Am I going crazy? This morning’s paper told of two more death’s that were exactly how I’d written them in my story yesterday!
This is beyond belief….

June 18th 2025
I am a murderer.
A visit to the library archives yesterday proved it. I followed the newspapers back and every one of the deaths that I have written about
in my novel have occurred in actual life! It all began on May the tenth and….and…oh curses of curses, I am cursed…and cursed again…

June 19th 2025
I have decided to continue writing. People die everyday, whether I write or not…

July 2nd 2025
I have known the power of death, but life? A week ago I wrote one of my characters returning from the grave and lately have noticed a
strange figure of a man lurking about the premises of the manor…

July 3rd 2025
I saw him. The zombie creature that I created! He was eating a rabbit just outside the north west border to the estate…oh the horror of it…

July 4th 2025
Someone has broken into my house. Not someone, some thing. It was the zombie creature, I have no doubt, that tore apart my studies.
My computer is completely destroyed! Halfway through with my novel and now nothing! Damn this un dead abomination!
I have tried killing him in writing, but to no avail- I need my computer! I have seen him lurking about still.
I must handle this…personally. If no further entry is submitted, know that my creation has gotten the better of me. Wish me luck, whoever finds this diary…

July fourth was the last entry, and the rest of the pages of the journal were torn out.

As my uncle was quite the recluse, no one knew of his disappearance until the middle of August 2025-more than a month after the last entry.
I have been woken in the middle of the night by ‘stirrings’ outside. I do not know what to make of them after reading my uncle’s journal.
Suffice to say, I am moving out of the manor immediately, that is, when the noise outside goes away. I have baricaded off the entrances,
but the noise grows louder.




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