Something & Nothing _S**



In the Beginning there were Nothing and Something.
Something being somewhat male while Nothing
was female.

They gave birth to the Gods of Neptune.
Neptune, of course, is dissimilar from our own planet of
Earth in many ways, but I will focus on what is the same,
rather than what is different.

There came a day when the population of the planet Neptune
exceeded four trillion! Four trillion!!!!
Neptutians were practically living on top
of one another.

Some of the gods of Neptune came down from the moons
and took Neptutian form. They tricked the women
into, shall we say-sexual intercourse-, and then
disappeared. Thus leaving the Neptutians “virgin”
but also “with child”.

These children were born as cyclopse. That is, with only one eye.
They came from the womb as intelligent Neptutian beings,
and they even spoke other languages than the global ‘Kip-It’

Very rapidly they grew into giants, thirsting
for blood and hungering for meat.
So that in seven Triades (which are three decades on Earth)
the population diminished to  just about seven and
a half billion!

The gods watched in delight as the giants ate
the Neptutians.
Finally, however, they decided that enough was enough,
and Suez, the chief Neptutian god, made warriors
out of some of the Neptutians and they
went across the planet( which consists mostly of hydrogen and helium, with trace
amounts of other ices, like methane, ammonia and water ice.
With all the helium in the atmosphere, the
Neptutians could almost fly- and some did!

What did they eat, you might wonder…
okay, I will tell you, they absorbed energy from the sun,
which they called Nesus; although in some
of the southern regions they pronounce it NaySUSE!
So after all or most of the giants were killed,
the Neptutians lived in harmony once more,
breaking their weapons and living peacefully.

Some believe that a few giants still exists in remote parts of the land.



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