They Came From The Cold _S**


Friday, April Thirteenth 1998

BOOM! went the thunder…

On a cold night in winter, Beverly Rasmuesen
woke up after a thunder clap. Quite afraid, she held her blanket tightly to her face.

BOOM! again…

She jumped a bit in her bed.

Looking around for the presence of danger but finding none, she sat up with eyes as wide as twin moons; but could see nothing because her night light was not glowing.

You’ve failed me, Rainbow Brite.

Beverly told her mom, just yesterday, that she was going to be done with that silly old thing. She had had it ever since she left the crib-which was about a whole four months later than the average child, her dad never let her forget- and began sleeping in a “real” bed.

Now that she was almost thirteen years old (next month on the ninteenth was her birthday) she did not want to have that childish reminder plugged in by the door to her room staring at her whilst she slept.

Mostly though, What if her friend’s saw it when they came over. Not that any had yet, she was quick to take it out of the wall and hide it in her underwear drawer before anyone ever saw; but someday surely she planned on having a sleepover, maybe even for her birthday next month. What would she do then?

She itched her leg. It was as though something was lightly crawling on her; but when she felt, there was nothing there.

Just your imagination, Bevvy, girl.

She then got out from the covers and stood on the bed to reach for the string on the ceiling lamp that would turn on the light-


The light bulb exploded above her head and Beverly jumped back, off the bed and landed on her bottom on the hard floor.

“Oh, my ass!” she said out loud before covering her mouth. ‘That kind of
language was certainly not becoming of a young lady,’ she thought.

Then there was a flash of light, followed almost immediately by the rumbling of thunder.

It’s close.

To Be Continued…








































































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