Her Blood Soaked Boots _S**


Everyone was nestled cozily on the ground at the rescue mission of Pepper Pond City.
There were beds upstairs, but they were reserved for
the homeless people that held jobs.

Outside it was freezing cold, so the people on
the floor did not complain about having to sleep on the hard floor…yet, but they soon would

There was snow outside, also outside was a young woman that had been wronged by
one of the men who was sleeping on the floor- her ex boyfriend, Travis

She knocked on the door and when Ernie, who was working the
front desk, opened the door he could see how cold
she was.

“I can’t let you in…” he began with sympathy.

“I just need to use the bathroom…” she urged.

“Okay, but be quick-rapido!

Ernie went back to reading while the woman went to the John but failed to notice the two inch thick heals attached to the ladies boots
that were spiked.

She made her way past the John and went to the first man on the floor and stomped on his feet, and he cried out in pain.
He was not paid attention to, as many men cried out during the night
from ‘night terrors.’

She continued down the line, stomping mens feet until she got
to her ex-boyfriend and then stomped his face.

He died immediately.

She continued to stomp on the feet of the rest of the dozen or
so men on her way to the front desk.

“Thank you so much!” she told the deskman.

“Have a nice night.” he replied looking at her rear end rather than her blood soaked boots.





  1. Whoaa…quite imagination man…Shaina gave me this address….she right bruda, come back Nanakuli side soon, yah…you know you miss. Mahalozzzzzzzz for the stories…HAHHAHAj/k….dey good hanai b….just a lil out der, yah? L8ER SK8R


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