The Eighty Eight Pigeons (Of 7 Poems) _P**

The Eighty Eight Pigeons———————————————–

I remove the covering from my head
of remaining so anonymous and so good
as I should;
and as I take each step, I remember the stations
and say a prayer for the sinners that are out for vacations.
Then I greet my new neighbor with a smile and a bow
I allow
them to bless me without
struggle, and how
it must be so warm…on the other side
there is war…on the other side.
Now the grey pigeons come for their share.
I sit on the stone as the birds fly to me,
they fly one, two three- to eighty eight,
I do count them and now I am late.
A hundred and sixty four eyes look at me with longing,
so I give them the edibles
that to me are not digestible- I have sensative bowels.
The eighty eight pigeons sing with a frothy sound.



An Acrostic On December XVIII. M/XVI —————————-
Camp ye
Here and I will
Remove thee.
I protect the weak from the
I think we c-
an do better. If o-
nly we could all get along. I watch. I guard.



The Countrie-Wide Handball Club——————————–

The 1.bronco bulls, were noboby’s fools
as they 2.charged across the field.
3.Patriotic, it seemed, they were living the dream
as the 4.Titans-great 5.giants- they killed.
From the 5.sea the hawks came
chasing the 6.cardinals like flame,
is to a moth;
as 7.vikings they came
I have not forgot
the great 8.eagle that came.
Our 9.skins became red, for the 10.falcons, they bled
our arms- upon which they found their homestead.
A 11.jet black and 12.brown 13.Bengal tiger came from the east
to eat duck- 14.billed animals, to woe was the feast.
At least while in water, that great big old tiger
could eat 15.dolphins as she was not pleased.
16.Steeling safe haven, so now came the 17.raven
to eat what was left of the 18.chief.
‘Till the 19.jaguars appeared, armageddon drawn near
Whilst the 20.raiders unturned every leaf.
They will steal from the 21.texans, who just should have left them
alone in the desert without any weapons.
True 22.buccaneers, they will take to the seas,
Bronze chandeliers, that are thicker than thieves.
‘Till the 23.panthers leap down, from the perch up above;
The 24.saints will come climbing the flowers like doves.
25.Forty nine times 26.packing black powder rights here
Where now the 27.cows, boy, do you see them appear?
28.Lions like bears to eat, good in the winter.
While the 29.colts 30.ram the 31.cardinals 32?

To-Jerimiah Kruith————————————-
Carefully collected, her
Response was generally accepted
Other than men that were
Seeking a bend
She was sure that her
Words were worth searching
Others had tried and some
Really Pried, yet his
Destiny was found upon lurking.

The Room———————————————-
Let me take you down now, down to my mansion beyond
the desert and over the mountains.
We enter the hills.
The front gate opens as my servents see that
I am with you.
It takes us an hour to walk the path to the house.
The yard, you obersve, is a giant rose garden
with various trees scattered here and there.
We had to stop twice at the lavoratries because
apparently you had drank too much.
I confess that I did as well.
“Why do you have a locomotive?” you ask me,
and I tell you that you are free to leave on it at any time.
I confess that I have never ridden on it myself, and
so therefore cannot guarantee where it will
take you.
We laugh and I tell you that it was only a joke.
Large men in black suits open the front doors
for us now and we enter into the lobby,
which has a tremendous library.
You admire the collection of books.
You see one that you especially like and as
me if it is an original copy.
I tell you that it is.
We walk to where it is and I pull it out.
As I do, the floor begins to move. We are
on a large revolving circle and it takes us to a hidden room…

December Dan———————————————-

December Dan has not a plan
for the cold, all I know is the drink in his hand
keeps him warm while he stands;
and when he sits he is cold.

December Dan will open his eyes
when the guy, telling lies wakes him in surprise..
he must move along now;
before the people arrive.



To P—-a——————————————-
What were your thoughts when you ran away;
did you you wonder about, or think of me?
I doubt you did, as a young kid;
a young woman-rather-nothing but a whim.

The caves near the city- the breaking waves;
an old man’s pity on a foggy day.
How did you get home I still know not,
perhaps I do and I just forgot.

Your name is clear inside of my mind,
but it disappears in thoughts sublime.
In thoughts that rhyme and in words that don’t.
You said that you would but I know that you won’t.

So to you I send my deepest love
with an honest kiss and a lasting hug.
What were your thoughts all those years ago?
I was not there, so I’ll never know.




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