Wishing For Sleeping (Of 4 Poems)_P**

The King of His Corner

King James saw people as they were.
Not as they were, but as they were.
I call James King, but he says “no such thing!
I’m just a man, like you.”
Just wait, one spring
when I’m lord of the rings
to repay kindness true.



Benjamin Brown

Benjamin Brown, true to his town;
he told his story well.
While he was most humble, the crowd’s stomach rumbled;
so he had only partial story to tell.



The Maverick Man

His day “was sufficient,”
he tells me after
asking how my day was

His expressions: deliberate.
Could be a Pastor.
“No discrepancies to speak of.”




Wishing For Sleeping

She talks in her sleep, but what does it mean?
I hear her say the strangest things.
Once she was the President of some ancient countrie;
another she was a farmer without a family.
Last night she was Tina Turner,
I heard her rolling down a river.
Tonight she quotes the work of Poe,
why I am here writing this note.
Her ‘tell-tale heart’ just goes on dreaming
while I am awake wishing for sleeping.





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