Grant Us Peace (Of 8 Poems)_P**

  1. Grant Us Peace

When you tried to give me a kiss lately
I turned my head, said: miserere!”
Even though you are an Agnus Dei.

I wrote you a ten thousand word apology
and signed it ‘in nomine Domini.

For quniam tu solus Sanctus
and Tu solu Dominus, I say.
There would be no better way to plot this
and I’l take your secret to my grave.

I left you though you asked me to stay then
and told you that credo in unum Deum.
Dona nobis pacem.

have mercy-Lamb of God-in the Name of the Lord-You alone are the holy One-You alone are the Lord-I believe in one God-grant us Peace



2. K—–_P

Mellow eyes, so blue
and so knowing
Never cry, so true
and so blowing

in the wind from the wild
the last frontier
Alaskan Empress if
you were not so queer.

I am hot,
you are so cold
Opposites attract,
or so I’m told

Birds of a feather flock together
so I leave it to you, love, now or never




3.Until Next Spring, Touching Things

I was walking down the street with my girl friend
the other day, her name’s Keira by the way.
I picked up a broken cell phone and smudged my fingers
all over the screen, “you don’t know where that has been!”

I figured that whoever owned the phone was probably kidnapped
or something, or murdered as I went on wondering.
So when crime scene investigators show up, they’ll find my prints
along with all the other places I’ve been.
“Christ! This guy’s into everything!”
I’d like to hear the detective sing.
All for a laugh, ’cause I did no such thing,
and will never do so until next spring.


4.Information Lost Love

Blue dot
put upon
a white back

‘How Profound’
finds one
in retreat of the sun
in Salt Town.

Green fog
almost forgot
the way we

‘In the end’
all is vain
nothing more
can be the same.



5. A Made Up Story

I woke up and there was

no one there,
which was really sad because…
I really do care

about people, places and things;
but ‘care’ is not a noun….
a careful verb,
so it seems.

I’m just making this up.
I have lots of friends, really.
In fact, there’s one right now
interrupting me.

“Stop, I’m trying to do some work” I tell her;
who’s name is, um….I cannot remember.

Don’t shed a tear for me,
this is only a made up story.



6. Tricky Dicky Gallardo

“Eat feces and bark at the moon”

considered a string of curses for the fifth grader who

uttered the words to Amber something

a beast of a girl that is not worth remembering

Richard is always on top of the game

fart and phallic jokes are his claim to fame

His Accidency, we must forgive and let live

for Sonja herself was really the kid.



7. Zen

Tonight the world can burn, I’ll rise from the ashes.
My heart has had its turn, I don’t need matches.

It doesn’t matter how or when,
doesn’t matter where or why;
as long as we’ve got zen
we will never die.

Tomorrow comes the sun, eastern horizon.
Wouldn’t count on anyone, to come for you my darlin’.

It doesn’t matter how or when,
doesnt matter where or why;
as long as we’ve got zen
we will never die.

The ends begun, your teeth are bared;
its only love that we both shared.



8. Dancing On The Sun

I was dancing on the sun- Sam Eliot
raised his gun- and then signed it:
My Tombstone movie on VHS
Virgil Earp via Sam Eliot.

I was dancing on the sun- Jen Aniston
waved her hand- and had so much fun:
My friend I watched on television
Rachel Gellar via Jen Aniston.

I was dancing on the sun- Fred Armisen
weighed a ton- but did not sign it:
My Saturday Night Live cast member
Barack Obama via Fred Armisen.

I was dancing on the sun- Elijah Wood
was so much fun- he understood:
My Hobbit picture printed on paper
Frodo Baggins via Elijah Wood.



9.The Storming of the Temple (Old Meets New)

1. He crept first to
the House of Lebanon
and murdered those
that were in attendance.

2. Next he blew out the back door
to enter the Great and Outter Courts.
Two children seen running away
he blew to scraps with a hand grenade.

3. Then into the Porch of Pillars
where he massacred four more;
and blew up badly two bystanders
in the Throne Porch near the door.

4. He blasted his way to
the Other Middle Court
where he cut down the tall
to make them short.

5. Next he shot a thousand bullets
to Solomon’s Palace and they shouted, “who’d do this?”
To the Inner Lesser Temple Court
he slaughtered those inside of that fort.

7. Then he bombed the court of priests,
the Holy Place Temple  and what was underneith.
Now to the Secret Room- the Holy of House-
where he killed ’em all, even the mouse.

1. He stepped last to
the Great and Outter Courts
for the best view
of the fire and smoke.





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