Black Capitol & 5 Other Black Poems_P**

1. Black Capitol

Avril, act natural-
this won’t hurt you at all…an
anvil, Black Capitol,
is hanging just to fall.

I see you below, standing in the hole;
above you I look down.
While tensions grow, my face is aglow;
you stand in wedding gown.

Scissors in hand, I hold your fate with them
I know that I can, just you wait patient.

The cut, is enough-
the weight falls down from up…on
Avril, Black Capitol,
smashing her head and guts.


2. The Lesser Ninety Percent

April twenty, not so lucky
the teachers pointed fingers, suddenly
our thoughts become important
like they were’nt

April twenty, Adolf’s birthday
two kids with guns
trenchcoat mafia dons- hitmen for hire
basement tapes not released
preventive measures-uncanny

Gun control
disarm the free people of the world
Gun control
make them easier targets for law enforcement officers

April twenty, taken from me
one more righht I used to have
What’s next?
The right to concieve and to breed?
Eliminate the lesser ninety percent.

Gun control
disarm the free people of the world
Gun control
make them easier targets for law enforcement officers


3.The Nose Of Worship

When there’s nothing left but you
and here I come along
you kiss me long and true
like I’ve done nothing wrong

Zigga-digga, ding! ding!
The nose of worship
Zigga-digga, ding! ding!
I’m back where I be


4.Sandy Hooked

Your love feels so good
and so misunderstood

Sandy, darling
you’ve got me hooked
It’s elementary, darling

Your love feels so great
always a second late

Your love feels so grand
tasting now so bland


5. The Steps Of the Madeleine

[Published in City Weekly magazine/newspaper in Salt Lake City the week of December 1st/2016]

The night crept upon and from the corner of my eye
-saw the sky, did I…saw the sky.
Slowly I walked unto my fate,
-had a date, did I…with the church.
What’s worse was that she’d stand me up,
all alone I would wait with my mind in a cup
of whiskey that burned my very lips to the touch,
so much, did it…so much.
The bells struck ‘leven as I gazed up to Heaven,
so far away it seemed, before me.
I cursed and I stumbled, the sky I heard rumble,
then I took a tumble
down the steps of the Madeleine.
On the steps of the Madeleine I said a prayer,
but no one was there
as I sat well-aware
that the morrow would come just as days were the same-
‘had my own self to blame all the same, all the same.
On the steps of the Madeleine I prayed.



6. Quilence

So still in the quiet
I reach out for peace
and pluck it from a tree
The sky is blue and violet

So still in the silence
I search for calm
and find it at dawn
The sky is red like violence





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