As Happy As Warm Tea (of 10 poems)_P**

  1. Valentine Wine

Be mine, be mine
red valentine wine
Kiss me on the lips, kiss me.
We dine, so fine
red valentine wine
battleships sail, Germany

I prefer body to spirit.

2. As Happy As Warm Tea

She told Me I resemble a celebrity
I said, “no, he resembles me
“I am the older, no chip on this shoulder
“and you can have me for free.”

“And that’s why I love you my darling, my D”
She said with a smile as she looked hard at me
“Get back here” I say, “We’ll have a nice day”
and we kissed as happy as warm tea

3. Cats Are Everything (Acrostic)  Published the week of 03-01-17 in City Weekly Newspaper- Salt Lake City, UT

Begin to be well, you
Really can tell, when
It’s starting to get better.
Zinka the Pixie, will give you magic b-
Erries and then you’ll be l-
Ight as a feather. To-
Gether, I miss you and your
Energy spirit. I wouldn’t say if I’d not
Really meant it


4.  Greenish Orange Quilt

Gunner was young with the spirit of youth.
Lily smiled and favored
the growing young man, with the spirit in hand.
They laid in the dasisys with the sun as the witness
of their kisses and pleasures not wan.


5. The Fiery Hot Trip Back To Earth

On the third day, eleventh month-
the year was fifty seven.
She was no more a little pup-
fired off into Heaven.

In Time minus: FOUR EIGHT OH
That’s all thats left to go!

Up in space, the Earth is down;
six spins tracing she went ’round.
A blue face, all there is now;
she can’t wait to reach the ground.

Thank you Laika, for being the first;
how was the fiery hot trip back to Earth?


6. Johnny Desk

Sometimes good people
do good things
and society thinks
ill of the deeds

I will rescue you and help you be your self
I will rescue you and there’s a hymnal on the shelf

Sometimes good people
are on a good mission
and society thinks
wicked of the deeds


7. My Five Wives

Dorothy was beautiful, and Jasmine was great
Wendy so soulful, and Alice was late
Roxanne was so dog-gone doe eyed pretty
I passed out with my five wives in the cold goofy city


8. Wolfgang, Lily, Gunner & Hans

Hans and Wolfgang went marching one day
and were met by the Clan of Sehin Tau.
With karate chop blows, struck from head to toe
they won with superior know how.

Marched they now inwards, to the Valley Vinyards
opposed by Zain Daleth and Ain Pe.
With Kung Fu fists, they beat Pe and Daleth
and Zain’s nose was the trophy of the de.

From that valley of shadow, marched they to Colorado
and were met by the Beth Gimmel Possie.
With tae kwan do kicks, they sure meant business
and they captured a Greek and an Aussie.

Marching with Gunner and Lily, from the Beth Gimmel Possie
opposed by Koph Resh and Mem Nun.
With weoponized Tai Chi, they fought like Bernie
but their journey had only begun.

Stronger than before, marched the fearsome four
and were met by Vau Jod and Teth Caph.
With movable yoga, they said: “See, I told ya”
and in victory they all shared a laugh.

Marched Wolfgang, Gunner, Lily and Hans
opposed now by the He Aleph Clan.
With wrestling tactics, they beat those bad blacksmiths
and then started a four-piece band.

Wolfgang banged the drums, keyboarding was Hans
Gunner on guitar, Lily: bass.
They were called the Reminders, they played with the Finders
and were known well at All Over the Place.

Hans and Wolfgang, went their separate ways
when Hans got with Sala Medmech.
All Over the Place, closed in disgrace
and the band never played there again.


9. A Walk In Liberty Park

What is that thing, will you play me a tune?
my newborn Lily Violet, will spit her french spoon
in honor of you and the things that you do
give me your cold hands, to warm in my womb

She’s other places to go, she’s other places to be
there’s nobody here that she knows, and her secret is safe here with me

What is that thing, you bounce and you kick?
hacky sack round, the reef circle- Splen did!
In honor of love, out stretches the sun
here comes the fun, a blue sweater undone


10.  D— C—– (acrostic)


Different beats and
Rythms. I get the
Understanding. The Miracle of fellowship, the
CIRCLE is outstanding>                                             >
Many people come from all walks of life.
Understanding the miracle of no husbands o-
R wives.
Different beats.



11. Blue Blanket Brigade

“Look at me, I have no home!”
With this blue ‘blankey,’ with it (s)he romes

A blue poncho that shouts: “Persecute me!
or give me food, possibly some money

Part, good people, yes please make way
for its the Salt Lake City Blue Blanket Brigade




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