Part I- Not Quite The Beginning, But Where We Will Begin, Examining The State Of Nomi

1. Once upon a time, before ‘Nine Eleven’
there lived a young man, born from the heavens;
and he walked along a trail until he stepped in-

2. to American Avenue, and he knew the street;
the people that passed him were beyond belief.
So beautiful outwardly; however beneath
their skins were reptilian-hypocritical thieves.

3.Masked in fancy ties and suits; bewildered
was Nomi D., couldn’t keep a face straight, he shivered.

4. To him they looked evil, like demons from Hell
from the church of Pevus, they casted their spell.
Latter Day Paints? Well, LSD did them well.

Part II- – – – – – -At Mass (Present Day)___________________________________________

                                              Nomi went to chapel, where…

5. Father Martin Diaz told a tale from the poll
as if brother John Kranz needed to be told;
for Karina Castillo it was quite the keen show.

6. Darren Williams was as good as Samaritans can be;
that was why Nomi D. gave him a trophy.
That is why Debi, already, gave knee.

7. Prayers of the faithful, and he stood back and laughed;
there were phallic symbols from the front to the back.
Nomi D. sought for ‘V.’ and then planned an attack.

Part III- – – – – – -The Wedding?______________________________

                                                 They went to the attic then,                                                                                                                   and…

8. He decided to marry a woman exotic
“they all are”, he said, “relatively ‘progmatic’
from the East ’cause they think in tonal mathematic.”

                                                Many weeks                                                                                                                                                later,

9. Sister Karina presided then over the wedding,
everyone from Pepper Pond would there be attending.
If Laurel Marie would keep promise- not bending.

10. Casey Christine said “’twas not,  meant to be;
come with me, to ‘my garden’, and I will please thee”
“I dare not” spoketh then, the tempted Nomi D.                                                                                      “Oh my dear goodness, swimming goats of the sea!”

                                His bride left him at the alter…                                                                                                            but soon another came, and said:

11. “How will I contact you?’ asked the young woman
“Through mail” said he “or per chance best in person”
“I work a lot” lied Nomi D. who was not working.

Part IV- Some Recreation at a Handball game______________________

                                    So Nomi went to the Land of Oak Town to                                                                                           watch a Fader’s game.

12. “That just does it, root of Jesse come save me
My faith is gone, please help and relieve me”
Dereck Carr threw the ball and Nomi D. was displeased.

Part V- Home Again_________________________________________

                                                  He traveled back to                                                                                                                                      Pepper Pond…


13. Then down came black rain up above from the sky,
without warning and hence then four score then did die.
Now enter the president, far darker than night.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx80 B.C. (Body Count)

                The Hawaiian president was assassinated                                                                          by a black right’s group. Nomi D. retreated to his cave                                                   where he had an unlikely guest…

14. Mephistophilis deemed Nomi too insane to serve
Beelzelbub hid the contract, yet burned.
Nomi D. was then free from the conquering worm.

Part VI- La Casa del Falso (that is to say: the house of the fake)______________

                                              As many hours passed,                                                                                                               days, even…

15. Michael ‘the greyhound’ then walked up the stairs;
no shadow he cast whilst Nomi sat well aware
Mountain Mist and the Dew were just part of the glare.                                                    “Dastardly doth the water barer!”

16. Now Nomi did quickly get up from his place
and he went to the mirror to gaze at his face
“oh, complexion of mine, o why do you waste?”

17. In Good taste he then smashed, the glass that is
seven years bad luck, well, he welcomed it
because he was not the least bit superstitious.

18. Now down the stairs he hurried real fast
as the ‘fakes’ and the ‘phonies’ went rushing up past.
to the chapel he went and he sat there to ‘fast.’

Part VII- The Service_____________________________________

                                                              It…                                                                                                                                                                   it…

19. Took an hour to hear, but was well worth the wait
for the dinner, and with people he would next conversate;
and many a hand he’d refuse to shake

20. “Forgive me” he said “if I don’t shake hands
“to not offend you of the custom in this land
I am not from here, don’t think me so bland”

Part VIII- The Dream__________________________________

                                                    Nomi D. dreamt (not dreamed)                                                                                                          of a woman…

21. Helena Stephenson woke from her dream,
pertaining to magma there left a hot stream.

22. The river Styx, it became and for any to pass
they would need twin pieces of silver and glass.

23. Why glass, you may ask, I will tell you then:
so as to gaze upon her pale reflection.
Helen must be present instead of old Narcisuss’s end
so she could ponder her own perfect complexion.

24. She saw Adam and Steve, they would grieve on their knees.
Judith and Ruth were maliciously displeased.
Melchizedek wept for Saint Stanford Von Disney.
Then Peter did meter and gave her the keys.


25. Thomas as square and oddly enough
was friends with miser Jude Hook and tailored him rough.

26. She saw Simon swim, in the ocean of Styx;
Phillip was cross while James saw all of this.                                                                                         “I do declare, by the man of two fish!”

27. T’was his brother who curled, deep in a shell on the beach
and quietly laughed at the outrageous beneath.

                                            Nomi woke from the dream of Helena Stephenson                                                             then and was confronted by a man with a scraggly                                                              beard…

28. “Who is this?” asked then, the Prophet Isaiah,
“With earthy hair and adaptive eyes?”
“Nomi D., he is” spoke the King David Aurelia.
“Let us give him a proper and suitable wife.”

29. “But Rebecca is mine, ‘though she be only eleven
And I be seventy—these cold bones need attention.”

30. Joseph Glass agrees as he sneezed at the skies.
“King David philes rose pedals? My, oh my!”

31. Willy Weigand gave Nomi chocolates of sorts
While King William did settle with Agrell out of court.
“This was most gracious” said Valerie Thorpe.

32 .Norma Barbacci then kissed him softly
Mary Madelein saw this from up above.
Gregory the Great, was not half as Saintly
As Vincent de Paul with all of his love.

33. Then Moses appeared and drew Nomi near
He said “that the sea was real fun.”
So they parted just then, when in flew a Wren
“The celebration has only begun!”

34. Johannes the traitor
Was stabbed by Felix Kirchmayer
For being a double agent.
Liefuehter concurred while they murmured,
that there was nobody there to save him.


35. Bernard gave two pence
to the people that spent
time with Tai Chi to relieve his ailment.

****Interlude A

36. The spirits delighted from Stan’s father Randy.
which came in quite clear and always was handy


****End of Interlude A

Part IX- A Place Of Learning____________________________________

                                                           He then went to a                                                                                                                                     place of learning and…

37. Nomi then grasped a chance with an ukulele.
Soprano, to be sure, and he tunes it up daily.
And he sings glad tidings to them and to thee.

38. “Lost inside your eyes, losing track of time;
Kneeling near your mind, and touching you inside.”

39. He sang the song that Bruda’Doug wrote
When he came back from the Noble island afloat

40. “Here, have no fear;
Close your eyes and hold them tight,
I will bring you through
The darkest of night.”

Part X- Up The Block_________________________________________

                                                                       Then up hill to                                                                                                                                           the aviary….

41. Nomi D. did sing on the steps of the Cathedral;
And watched, so amazed at the gathering of people.

42. That came to relate, just to hear their fine song
Nomi could not smile because he was long gone

43. From the family he loved, and missed so dear
“Merry Christmas to all, and in all a good cheer.”

44. The birds then came down and perched on his shoulder
and he felt, just then, a little bit colder;
and not only that, but a little bit older.

45.’Bang!’ rang the bells and the birds did depart
Nomi D. also jumped up just then with a start.

Part XI- The Vision______________________________________

                               Then there came a bright light…                                                                                                             in the shape of a mountain ram

46. An angel from Heaven came up from the earth
dust fell from it’s figure, “blessing or curse?”

47. “Neither have I” then Gabriel said
just news of the future, do not be misled.”

48. “What news, bringeth thou, from the Akashic records?”
Nomi D. asked, well pleased like a bird of a feather.


49. “A great wall shall be built with the blood of the south.”
The angel declared, like a TRUMPhet, announced.

50. “Radical change, you will see, soon to come,
so keep yourself guarded, but pray, do not run.”

51. Now down from the Los Cielos a messenger came
to Nomi and told he and G. just the same
that they’re angry in Heaven, on Earth laid the blame.

Part XII- Vengeance___________________________________

                                                                       After seeing the desecration of the                                                                                         Holy….

52. So came that day when he’d had enough
Nomi got together a posse real tough
to attack the infadels down in the rough.

53. The defilers of the sacred Madeleine Temple
would pay with their blood on the steps of the Cathedral.                                                           Like in the days of yore when they slaughtered the bull
God as his witness, and the pigeons perched gentle.

54. The gunmen were silent, so quiet as night
while the scoundrels slept in blue blankets so tight
They gave little struggle, not even a fight.

55. Their offences were too many, to list in a prose
Nomi pulled out the dagger as the sign there read ‘closed’
He cut off their fingers and many of their nose.


56. A bronze statue of Ghandi he mistook for a man
Nomi D. was then startled and grabbed for its hand

57. “Like you never killed a spider or bug?!”
The statue came alive and said “I did” with a shrug.

                                                            Many did die                                                                                                                                                  that day…

****Interlude B

58.  “I don’t even know him,” Nikki did say
“I heard he liked cookies while riding his sleigh.”

59.  “Has anyone asked him?” posed Mister Renshaw
“Perhaps we should get him a Trader Joes gift card.”

60.  “Let us give him real estate in a land far away”
said Rhetta, assuming that he did not plan to stay.


61. Andi V. gives him coal for being a snitch,
“It’s payback” she says “you son of a frog*!”

62.  Rickey is sour but has some pity
“Give him a copy of our City Weekly!”

63.  Paula Peppas says “loving him will do the trick
and a back crack, of course, for good old Saint Nick”                                                                                      She did it so well you’d’ve thought she had twin

64.  Those were the staff picks for Santa that year
Merry Holiday to all and their families good cheer.

****End of Interlude B

Part XIII- 7 Weeks Later_____________________________________

                                           Many days later, even weeks…

65. Nomi D. to the window did arrive late
to punch his ticket and did not hesitate,

66. “Do arrive early next time please, good sir
and bring me a drink.” “Yes, you have my word.”

67. The service went well, all felt rather fair
it saved some from Hell, those that were there.

68. The word, it was dark, atmosphere was real bright
and some kept to that dark while others- the light.

69. Nomi D. ate real well and then went off to bed.
He met with Bernie next day, did they Tai Chi to their cred.

70. Then off to Green-walls, he satisfied a deep urge
and paid with the two pence from the morning he’d earned.

71. Then off to the block, where he’d purchase some cancer
while up in the sky flew Rudolph and Prancer.
Nomi would walk, for he was no dancer

72. like Michael Jack’s son, who moonwalked long before him,
he smashed up a good car, all alone, on a whim.


Part XIV-Travel & Adventure With A Cyclops_______________________

                                                                                     Many moons have                                                                                                                                      past now…

73. Nomi took a turn to Grand Rapids, Michegan
to speak with the mighty one called Zondervan.

74. You see, Nomi and Z. were like birds of a feather
and traveled the old world of the patriarchs together.

75. They sailed the Black Sea and then sailed to Troy
Zondervan drank Tea and young Nomi D. bought toys.

76. Now there was a contest to swim the Aegean
Zonder was best but Nomi claimed intuition…
that on the next obstacle he would come out on top.

77. Next on to Mycenae to carve statues in rock!                                                                                 Of the great crab displayed in mountainous block

78. Again the two sailed the blue green Agean Sea
to Knossos on Caphtor, that was after, on Crete;
and they came across a most curious lot:
Cyclops weilds hammer, twenty feet he was not.

79. He stood nineteen feet, actually, and was quite the brute;
he plundered and ravaged the Greek Island for loot.

80. Soon enough the paths would cross
of the sagers and hammer and brutal Cyclops!

81. Nomi let live, ’till the Cyclops luted him
he tracked the thing down to right the thing’s sin.

82. He chopped off its feet while asleep in its cave
and left it there lonely in the darkest of grave.


83. Now the two kinsmen needed a crew
to cross the Great Sea whilst the sky was still blue.

84. Daniel and Joel were ready to come;
Hosea and Amos were promised much rum.


85. Malachi and Haggai were two mighty men;
Obadiah, Micah and Zechariah with them.

86. Zephaniah was weary, but Nahum cheered him up;
Habakkuk the klansman was boarding for luck.

87. Jonah came lastly, to Zondervan’s distaste;
“We must move on now!” Nomi D. said “Make haste!”

88. They sailed two days, ’till the weather got bad;
Jonah took the blame and they tossed the young lad.                                                                              He sank like a stone but his death was not had.
After they tossed the man over the weather ‘came great
like a four leaf clover, so they were quick to celebrate.

89. Seven days later they docked at Zoan Tanis;
in Egypt’s land now, they learned some new ways.
First to Succoth and then over to Memphis;
and in Heliopolis they spent many days.

90. The Pharaoh was reluctant to  have them all leave;
so all stayed behind save for Van and Nomi D.

91. So they sailed the Nile river
all the way down,
’till they met Frod Lon Giber
who had the ‘know how’.
Now this great sage could take them
all the way to the bow.

92. So the three tred the desert with all its aversion;
quicksand trapped twice, it was quite the excursion.

93. There was sand, there was sand and then some more sand;
dust tornadoes whirled whilst the trio treked the land.

94. Finally the man that was called Frod Lon Gibber
said, “there it is, men, march forth thus, now hither!”

95. The Red Sea right then was a glorious sight;
they made camp on the shore and stayed there the night.

96. Sirens called out and mermaids, they tempted;
Frod Lon Giber gave in and then he was bested.                                                                    Nomi gave roar like the sound of a lion.


97. When the morning came, t’was just Nomi and Z.
and they started at once towards the Red Sea.

98. The wind in their sails, as happy as clam;
“There it is, I see it!” Van spotted dry land.

                                                                        Not only dry,                                                                                                                                    but a mountain indeed;

“Sanai there is, we must climb to the top
to hear the rules that old Mo forgot!”

99. “I am Aquarius, bearing water and knowledge.”

100. Betwixed became the bearer right then
and he did a flip in the air with a triple spin.                                                                                            A diver well practiced, he was no virgin.

Now some time has                                                                                                                                   passed, and…

101. Nomi and Z. then found a time machine,
they traveled back to nineteen ninety.
Traveling was like being in a dream,
Van was unfamiliar with the place, but not Nomi.

102. They watched as a family stood on a hill
to take a picture, Little Russ would not keep still.
“What do you call this place we are at.”
“Why this is America Great, my good friend, Van!”

****Interlude C

103. In the beginning One created the earth and the heavens,
it took not six days, no, it took seven.

104. There were magical beings and beasts all about,
some that were winged and some that were without.

105. T’was magic, t’was phallic, it was holy-divine,
I know you got yours then, because I got mine.

106. Put the buds in your ears and then plug in
so that you may hear of the original sin:


107. The ‘interpretation’ of all that you’ll hear;
of all that you thought, however it queer.
As the deer
panteth for the water
so I’m near
and wandering after.

****End of Interlude C

Part XV- – – – – – -After Travel____________________

                                                       Nomi D. left Van & Frod with the time machine in
                                                                     Cali-ornia while he went back to Ut-a...

108. Nomi bowed then to Mike E.
and shook hands with Stephen;
Briann could see
that Nomi planned to get even.


                                                              …and even                                                                                                                                        he did get.

109. The blue line to Draper would depart too soon,
so Krista the fairy drew a cartoon
to warm all the hearts of the Pepper Pond people;
then down came the Pope from his high up steeple.

110. Phil and Sandra, many other a McCartthy,
and Rob Steiner gave much to Jackie Erbin’s memory.

111. Sarah Jane wanted fame just like many before;
then came in Penny Lane walking right through the door.

                                 Penny pulled a gun and shot Phil, Sandra, the McCarthys,                                             Rob, and
                                       Sarah…they all then died.
                                                Then she pulled out her knives and threw them at                                                             Mike,  Stephen, and Brian.


                                                   She took Nomi by the hand and away they went.                                                      It goes without saying that glory was in the balance.

112. To Moon Cash they went and met Lynn there
who gave them his blessing and said in the glare:
“Denn also hat Gott die Welt geliebt
daBer seinen eingborenen Sohn gab auf
daB alle, die an ihn glauben
nicht verloren werden sondern das
ewige Leben haben.”

                           Nomi and Penny thanked him                                                                                                  for his sharing and then  left.

113. They took Trax from the coffee house then
where it was really warm, they waved goodbye to their friend.

114. They felt really blessed and knew they were saved;
so they went to the Mission to see Super Dave.

                                      Super Dave then                                                                                                                              blessed the two new lovers and said:

115. “Poiche Iddio ha tanto aniato il mondo
che ha dato il suo uni genito
Figliuolo, affinche chiunque crede
in lui non perisca ma abbra vita eterna.”

116. They thanked Dave, their friend, and off they went
to Pioneer Park where they made a bed.

117. Nomi fell asleep after quite a while
and drempt of things that burned like bile.

118. ‘Till Romi B. found him in the land of dreams
and took him from Hell, to the Heaven with trees.

119. Nomi and Romi went on adventures then
to Mount Diablo to find their friend.

120. Billy J. was no where to be found,
so they drove the Civic above the clouds.
They found him sitting alone on a rock
playing guitar, but he would not talk.


121. Nomi then woke in the cold with a start                                                                                            and Penny woke, too, with a ‘what?’ and a fart.

122. Nomi D. laughed to hear such a thing
“Women Puff, it’s not the same thing!”                                                                                       “Might as well be from a scorpion’s sting!”
Argued Penny with a blush in the winter evening.

123. “I have a new plan” said Penny just then,
we’ll go to my land to meet my parents.

124. “I don’t like parents” he said with a frown.
“You’ll like mine, they’d love to have you around.”

125. ” I will meet them this once, but if I don’t like them,
then we say fare well and move to the islands!”

Part XVI- – – – – – -New Begin Ings____________________

                                                         Penny left Nomi one day while                                                                                                               he was sleeping, so

126. Nomi D. sought then to find a woman of Etruria,
so beautiful they were like those of Greek Asia.

127. One woman taught him to predict the future
by studying the outlines found in sheeps liver.
Tinnia her name, was quite the head-turner
but ol’ Plautus had his say and now shes a burner.

****Interlude D

128. We travel back now to an alternate time
where water is water and wine is wine.

Specifically we go to 1840 Bruno Bauer Avenue

129. Mary the whore, she got stoned to death;
her grave they made from the stones they’d thrown.
Lazerus awoke from his coma to test
and Joseph killed his wife- no heir to the thrown.


Now we go to 1863 Ernest Renon Way

130. Krishna and Osirus look down from the balcony
and see that Adonis and Dionysus have come to the party.
Mithras comments on the new kid- Jesus
“who does this Nazerene man think that he is?”

****End of Interlude D

131. Nomi took Plautus by the throat, held him hard
and plunged his fist through his chest and ripped out his heart.


132. He walked to Tinnia and put it in her hand,
said he ‘farewell’ and then left for his land.


133. In Pepper Pond City it snowed many inches
and D. had to sidestep and leap many ditches

134. of slush that was left on the sides of the road

and his feet were then soaked and he was very cold.

135. He then happened upon an old friend near the pub
“Ander!” he hailed, what is it you’ve done

136. to your hair, I declare its as black as the night!?”
“It makes me look younger!” he replied with delight.

137. “That it does my good friend, and the night is young!”
so they hit all the bars ’till they’d had quite enough.

138. Ander walked sideways into a drunk man
that was furious then and punched Ander in the head.

139. Ander drew blade and cut the drunk deep.
The cops were then called and they chose not to flee.


140. “I’ll see you in Hell!” Ander said from the car
as they drove him away to behind Jail Bars.

****Interlude E

141. With a great explosion, a ghost appeared
Hammurabi he was, by many was feared.

He spaketh:

142. “I am the descendant of Suma La Il
the mighty heir of Sin Muba Llit.
With royal ancestors for generations.

143. “The sun of Babylon shines all over the lands
of Sumer and Akkad [of that you’ll be glad]

144.  “The king who has made the four parts of the world
would listen [yes listen]
The one beloved of Ishtar [unfurled
would listen, yes listen]

[By the mighty hands of the hoofed archer]



145. “So when Marduk urged me to
direct the people [what could I do?]
of the land to adopt correct behavior
I made the land speak [cried out for a savior]

146. “With justice and truth and improved the welfare
of the people [of Sumeria that were living there].”

He spake no more.

147. Nomi D. was amazed but perceived little threat
as he saw the crotch of Hammurabi was wet.
He reflected that this guy was worse than Nero,
he persecuted the men and then becamest their hero.

148. Nomi then left the great Ham all alone
to witness a man-child to be birthed on the throne.                                                                                       “He looks just like a crusty sea goat!”

149. “O father of Zeus, what does this mean?
No prophecy before was mentioned in dream.”

150. He then saw a vision, the cross of Saint Peter
with the Alpha and Omega balancing the meter.

151. “All the people be equal!” a voice to him said,
and Nomi fell faint on a rock [he] rested [his] head.

152. Seven years later he woke with a start.
“I’ve discovered a treasure in beauty and art!”
said Bethanga with happiness and ‘delart’.

153. Nomi was frantic and ran like a ‘juggly’;
Bethanga was awful, repugnant and ugly.
In comparison, pretty would be Melissa McCarthy.

154. Then Nomi got into his time machine
to the tenth of January, forty nine A.D.
Where Caesar led a legion across a small stream,
the Rubicon, near Arminum, the southern boundary.

155. “Iact est alea!” he said with a scream.
‘The die is now cast’ heard Nomi D.

****End of Interlude E

156. “What a shame for poor Ander” thought then Nomi D.
“I’ll have to break him out or what kind of friend would I be?”

157. So Nomi got in his car and ran a red light
and an officer spotted him to his delight.


158. He killed the cop that pulled him over

and put on his clothes that were tight in the shoulder.                                                               Then he exclaimed, “where’s the barer of water?!”


159. To the Jail he drove just as fast as he pleased
and transferred said prisoner in handcuffs with ease.
He said to his friend, “Ander, you’re free!”

160. Nomi went off and left Ander with task
of recycling the cop car for spare parts, done real fast.

Part XVII- – – – – – -Where Nomi Went Next____________________

Nomi then went wandering in the Snowy Metropolis where

161. Nomi saw the face then of a man
that was crying like a baby.
“Trumpocalypse Now!” the headline read
on the cover of the City Weekly.

It made him feel old to recognize the reference, so

162. To remember his youth, D. bought a ticket
for the Egyptian Theatre, Shawn Colvin went with it.

163. ‘Sunny Came Home’, that one hit wonder
reminded Nomi of a former lover.

164. Out of the rain he met Phini Geeret
and they passed the day drinking whiskey spirits.

165. In their calm they came up with great ideas
Phini said outrageous things in defience
of establishment organized religion
“let’s sell our boogers to science!”

166. Nomi thought ‘great, we’d be none the wiser’
and suggested “we sell our fecal matter as fertilizer!”

167. “Our hair we will sell to finest wig makers,
and our fingernail clippings to the highest takers!”

168. Phini thought his compadre a whiz
when he said they could sell to the scientists.


169. “And out of our matter they’ll cure diseases!

170. “We’ll remember our contribution when somebody sneezes!”                                                           Two fish jumped in the river of  Bond Bleezes.

171. Then outside it got very cold                                                                                                                    they were greeted by their amigo, Ernesto the old.

172. “Whats’s going on my spirited friends?
how much to drink? I’d sure like to get in!”
Nomi looked at Phini, they laughed ‘ha ha ha’
“No charge for our fellow friend, no, na na!

****Interlude F:

173. Now Nomi ventured to the Random House
where everythings questionable, especially the house.

174. There he met the great King Stephen
who with blood and gore ruled the nation.
So Nomi asked the King’s permission
to take a bride if the King would listen.

175. “Oh, Carrie, you want? Good luck with her
but might I suggest Christine or Miss Claiborne?”

176. The King had a point on the top of his head
so he said to the King, “Give me the bread.”

177. King said that Rita would give him redemption
and that Coffey was just code for self-realization

178. “Goodbye King Stephen, ’till we meet again.”
then Nomi left his royal friend.

Nomi was then met by…

179. the comic Mike Myers and had quite a laugh
’till met by Michael Myers and was stabbed in the back.

180.He took out the blade, and tossed it in hand
and then threw it at Mister David Lopan.

****End of Interlude F



181. Now Phini, Ernie and Nomi did walk
to the Green Pig for drinks, a few laughs and a talk.

182. The bartender gave Ernie an eyebrow raised,
looked to the two others and gave them the same

183. Phini looked to Nomi, who pulled out a knife
he turned and threw it, taking the bartender’s life.


184. Two thugs from the back got to their feet just then
and four others from the front who were apparently friends

185. of the bartender that laid with a knife in his head.

186. Phini reached in his coat, which was black and a trench
pulled a gun and he aimed it at the four men

187. ‘BRAKA BRAKA BRAKA’ went his gun
one more BRAKA he fired for the fourth one.


188. Phini had no weopon except for his hands
which he used to karate chop the two remaining men

189. in the neck’s where he hit them and they fell down real dead.


190. Nomi dropped a bill on the counter to pay their bar tab.

From the back of the bar came a shouting blind man leading with his
walking stick. He shouted at the three:

191. “In the beginning, without form
there was darkness on the face of the deep
192. “In the midst of the waters, bring your sons and your daughters
before that darkness puts them to sleep


193. “In the end, the world crumbles
there was brightness reflected on the shallows
194.” All around the earth, everything barren and cursed
after the brightness awakened the gallows

195. “As for now we’ll arise and we’ll stand
with our feet planted firmly upon the land
196.”Until we decide to leave and make stride
find the system in the palm of our hands

Part XVIII- – – – – – -The Bull Headed Man____________________

197. Nomi was surprised to hear how he ranted
without an order Phini shot him dead and

198. Nomi agreed not with his decision one bit
and put two rounds in the head of Phini HIT! HIT!


199. Ernie got scared and decided to leave
with Elizabeth Warren, who was trying to read
something in the paper that she read almost daily
about how Nordstrom treated Nomi’s love so unfairly

200. So Ernie and Liz left and got married
and eventually had a son named Theodore, their baby.

201. Now back to Nomi who had a new plan
to search for Momondo in a far away land.

So when Nomi finally caught up with Momondo…

202. “Momondo, you fiend; you mother grabbing brat
I come for what’s mine- the Judas Contract!”

203. Momondo unfazed, stood well apart
and in came his ninjas with lego throwing stars!

204. They battled real good, the win they would take
until the real asset came forth, Nomi’s friend Kevin Plank


205. Kevin took out all the ninjas, one fold
while Nomi killed Momondo and got the twelfth Dead Sea Scroll.


206. Now in hand with the new information
they contacted McVeigh, who was rotting in prison

207. “Tim, my old friend, we need your help;
but not like Oklahoma, a bad hand you were dealt!”

208. Timmothy then agreed to help Nomi succeed,
“On account that you reveal your last name to me!”

209. Plank looked real down, but not at all confused
he took his guns as he walked out of the room.

210. “Donald,” he whispered in the ear of the man
“you son of a bitch, never repeat this again!”

211. (Steele Reserve) Nomi got hungry and went to the diner
“Hey Ruth,” he whistled, “you’ve never looked finer

212. She flipped him a flapjack, and then flipped him the bird
so he went to ninth and ninth, to get coffee stirred

213. Nomi was disgusted when, he saw Jimmy Kimmel
shoot up some dope, with writer Ryan Trimble

214. “It takes one to know one,” Nomi’d heard before
then jogged down to the Apollo, Burger joint store
Passing Rita Lyn, who was then thirty four

215. Missing a ladder, all he knew was he’s keen
amped up real nice on a blue tangerine

216. Five one two, was also much much fun
but after he felt like an oxy more on


217. Seeing double, everyone had a twin
but the day was still young, and he’d not spoken to Lynn

                         So Nomi went to Starbucks, where Lynn was having coffee. They                   spoke  for a few hours and then Nomi left his old friend…

218. Nomi Donald, you now know, his secrets out
the last name that he kept, for so long in a pouch
decided to travel, once again to the past
two thousand and one, he went with a blast

219. John D. Giovanni, passed Nomi D.
as he caught up with colleague, Sean Paul Rooney

220. Christopher Hanley, met them with pause
something significant, was justly the cause

221. Other happenings were in order, little did they all know
soon there would be burning, fire and smoke

222. Robert Kirkpatrick, and Stephen A. Knapp
ordered frappuccinos, and then went to the back
Stephen had to, step over a crab

223. Where Rodney Dickens, was selling tabacco
to a wearied old man, called Willfredo Mercado

224. William Macko, told Ann C. Judge
to sit still for one moment, while eating her fudge

225. The Falkenburgs Charles, Dana and Zoe
sat with Kathy N. Mazza, but had to get going

226. The Smiths Moira Ann, and Monica Rodriguez
took Pepsi from Lauren, Grandcolas her business

227. Hilda E. Taylor, told Sara M. Clark
“the building is burning, this isn’t a lark!”


228. Asia S. Cottom, sat on her bottom
while Bernard C. Brown the second
gave Cee Cee Lyles a farewell zig heil
in a moment of panic and reckon

229. “Here comes another plane,” Nomi complained
“I’d be a fool to not, get out of this reign.”
So he turned his transporter, to escape the disorder
back t(w)o thousand and seventeen ageign

                                                              A large lion                                                                                                                                   roared in the distance…

230. Two thousand seventeen seemed like a dream
nothing there quite made sense
so now Nomi D. got in time machine
and traveled back to the real present tense

Part XIX- – – – – – -The Irish Lass & Her Impact____________________

231. Now down from the sky, such a marvelous sight
Apollo the sun king descended
“What brings you back?” Nomi did ask
“To reseract a double agent.”

232. Rising from the paydirt, Johannes the traitor
“I’m alive, thank you lord for my life!”
Dripping with dirt, off his head and his shirt
“A good life must you henceforth strive!”


233.Apollo asended, back up to Heaven
Nomi and Jo waved him goodbye
“Now my good friend, we have lives to threaten
and time as you know is not kind.”

234. “What bid you, my lord?” asked Johannes
“Come with me Jo, you’ll know when the time is [right]”

235. So they went on a mission and found the two:
Joseph and Eric stuck together like glue
“Kill them Jo Jo, strike them down dead””
He stabbed Eric’s heart, cut off Joseph’s head


236.”Very good Johann, you’re no longer the Traitor
off with you now, but I may call you later”


237.With all the bloodshed, he’d worked up a sweat
and decided that nothing was finer
than to straighten his tie, wish the corpses goodbye
and go to the 500th street diner

238. There he ordered a Bloody Mary
a refreshing drink right down to the cherry

239. ‘Til he went to the lavoratory and said thrice in the mirror
the name of the drink and then who should appear?


240. But the Irish lass Mary who haunts the other realm
she took a liking to Nomi, she knew how he felt

241. So she tickled him whimsey, a lovely flirt
kissed him gently and then for dessert

242. Left him with a lock of her hair
to keep close to him in times of despair

245.He thanked the ghost and she went to her pane
Nomi never did see her again

****Interlude G

He saw her:

246. “I see you laughing in the lilacs
in Hawai’i with your back-pack”

Nude on the beach of Nanakuli

247. “Laying in the warm sand
I thought you always knew that….”

248. After spending so much time with this beautiful soul,
he just assumed that she knew

249. “Your smile makes my day and I’m so grateful to know ya
Countin’ puka shells in the bay, smiling Olivia”

250. He says hello as they pass each other in the music department of the
bookstore whose name need not be mentioned

251. “I see you almost everyday
and you’re so brave
Who needs these legs anyway?
when you’ve got brains.”

Scullyosis is a beach with different letters
252. “Your smile makes my day and I’m so grateful to know ya
Countin’ puka shells in the bay, smiling Olivia”

****End of Interlude G

Nomi then reflected on his friend, Fron,
for his death had finally struck him.
Nomi sang this ballad in memorum of
his brave and noble companion:

*Begin the Ballad*

253. “Fron Lon Gibber on the Red Line Wagon
pulled by seven komodo dragons

254. “An apache minister, said something sinister
before collecting scalps in the offering basket.


255. “Stepped off the coach did Mister Gibber
pulling an arrow from his quiver

256 .”he shot the shaman, no body saw him
but the death of the clergy made ‘ shiver


256. “Fron Lon Gibber had the toungue of a lizard
he caught flies in the night of one terrible blizzard

257. “Fron Lon Gibber went to the Rio Grand Arena
for a fight sponsored by Chavez Mencia

258. Mixed Martial Arts, fists flowing like darts
before the referee security intervened-ah!

259. “Stepped into the building did Mister Gibber
to recieve word from the Giver

260. no sigh of the postman, the packages owed him
he knew on the next day that they’d deliver                                                                                     [and this would certainly tip the scales in his favor]

261. “Fron Lon Gibber battled a giant lizard
then went once again into the terrible blizzard”

*End the Ballad*

262. Fron and Nomi, once thick as thieves
now Nomi bent knee, shed tears as he grieved

They had fought with the rebellion in Virgina, he recalled, with a twinkle in his eye

263. Nine days he spent, remembering the gent
who’d traveled with him back in time

264. Never again would he let fall a friend
if he could help it to save his life

265. Marty Plunket came then, an old time friend
from the past he and Nomi played baseball then

266. Marty wanted to play another game
but Nomi vowed to never play it again

267. “Don’t you know ’bout concussion, Plunket
and going insane, killing self and others?

268. William Smith told me this, it’s in my brain bucket
so for the sake of my sisters and brothers

269. “No more baseball, football, or contact sports

270. There are other ways to satiate the blood and the gore

271. Via graphics you buy at the technology store”

272. Now Nomi Donatello was too tired to go on,
so he rested his head, did not dream of his mom


273. Father was there, to prepare for the prom
even though that women was now long gone

274. In the dream Nomi D stood with people to pee
in a urinal porcelin white

275. He was wet when he woke, soaked pants and dress coat
oversleeping was the reason of why

276. Nomi Donatello Donald felt mean
and so once again stepped into the time machine

277. Before the light transfer he nodded to Fett
who taught him the trade of bounty in step

278. The seventh Sunday in Ordinary time
went Donnanomi, to break bread and sip wine

279. The nineteenth of February, eighteen seventeen
to see who they picked for the Catholic diocese
[would it be favorable or scorpiable with poisonous sting?]

280. Oscar Solis “was perfect,” he thought
“A Mexican Sun for the man of the cloth!”

281. This land was their land, so no one forgot
but in over a century’s time they might from the froth

282.”This is a good time, I like it here,” thought
Mister Donald, who had a next plot

****Interlude H

I got in my time machine and traveled a time before I was born visit
the acclaimed artist Salvador Dali…we shared many good times
together…here are a few:

283. I sat by the window, as still as life could be
while my friend Salvador took a sketch of me

284. Ukulele in lap, and a bottle on table
the moon shown bright from behind through the window


285. He went for a break outside with his love
while the painter stood watching them  from the room up above

286. He drew their figures as they kissed, showed Nomi later
and called this piece The Great Masturbator

287. They drove to the desert and he put down his watch
that appeared to melt, Dali saw several clocks

288. When he came back his good friend showed the sketch to he
Calling the drawing The Persistence of Memory

289. Nomi had to leave then, so he told the man
to continue on, he’d never see him again

290. When he returned to his own time later
He found he’d inspired the considerable painter

****End of Interlude H

291. Nomi got an urge to change Christian history
and so traveled back to eighteen thirty six
to the birth of Alex Whyte, there was little mystery
little resistence, and hardly a fight

[Nomi shot a lone arrow into the darkness of night]

292. He told his mother to raise Alex alone
so she refused the marriage of his father
who wandered the New World with a heart of stone
without his son now he had a daughter

293. Nomi then skipped to eighteen eighty one
and married Alex to Elizabeth Barbour
he knew she’d influence many of his sermon
so he acted as presiding minister

294. Nomi then traveled to nineteen o nine
and gave Professor and Principal title to Whyte

295. And gave him ideas for many a sermon
on Ezra and Habakkuk over glasses of bourbon

296. He warns Alexander of his death in twenty one
so to make the most of his life before it is done


297. Nomi travels back now to a future time ‘fore Nine Eleeven
to continue adventures with an old friend called Deven

298. Deven and Nomi need to buy a new car
so who else to go to than local legend Ken Garth

299. “Can you give me a good ride on only my credit?”
asked Deven to Ken who normally took debit.

300. “Since you are in company of the great Nomi D.
the car is yours, sir, for free- here’s the key’s!”

301. So Nomi and Deven drove off with the top down
and drove to Las Vegas to see the great Drug Clown                                                                       who had hooved feet and horns on his head
and swam in the sea whilst Deven did dread                                                                                      [his return to the Circus where they had first met]

302. The clown turned [out] to be Ronald McDonald
“Donald is a good name” Nomi said as he swallowed

303. a tab of acid that would distort the images
he longed to experience this place called The Pyramid

304. in a way that was similar to his hero, Dr. Thompson
and ordered a drink, but got not what he wanted

305. “Deven, my friend, this town’s you new home,
so I’ll leave you here with the money alone.”

306. Driving towards Hollywood in the convertable car
Nomi pondered how to get some more money for the bar

307. He knew some people that were in the acting scene
that would give him some cash and of it think nothing

308. The air was’s polluted as he ever remembered
and really quite clear for this time of December


****Interlude I

309. There are there two towers
one Mission and one Home
Nomi went to the former
on a mission [of] his own

310. He bombed the bad tower
to relinquish the power
the brain washing station
no longer a patron


311. Then met up with Cason
they trained to New York
Grand Central Station
silverspoon, fork so spork

312. An explosion ocurred
from just ’round the corner
Nomi and Cason did not
like the disorder

313. Then Nomi and Cason fled the scene
so as to not be implicated he thought it a dream
“We used to have liberty”
Nomi exclaimed
“but slowly our rights were taken away”

314. “The statue of Liberty is a
mockery today,
we’ll melt her foundation
Nomi, what do ya say?”

315.”Give me some water with ice in a pitcher
I’ll show you great things by the ghost of Fron Gibber

****End of Interlude I

Part XX- – – – – – -To The Home Of A Famous Friend____________________

316. Nomi went to West Hollywood then
to the condo that housed a Ukrainean friend
For the current age of enlightenment had not yet come to an end

317. “Milena Markvna, its been a long time!”
“I go by ‘Mila’ now, if you please, that’d be fine!”

318. So Americanized Ms Kunis became
but to Nomi it was all the same

319. He then hit her up for half a million
“Is that all, Nomi Donald, you’ve got to be kidding!”

320. They embraced for a moment and she then gave him cash,
kissed both his cheeks and then pinched his ‘butt’


321. Nomi drove away from the west towards the east
not knowing when the next time they would meet.

322. He arrived in Pepper Pond City that evening
the boys and the girls from the streets were retreating

323. Only the serious drinkers stayed out
and he gave them a honk and a primitive shout

324. He then went to Smart Guys comedy club
to hear some low humor that he wasn’t above

325. The hour grew late and Nomi grew weary
plus the waitress that served him looked rather scary
The two fish that she’d served him seemed rather spoiled
and made for an appetite to be rather foiled

326. He asked for his tab but she brought him a note
that she pulled from a pocket from inside of the coat
that was rested on the chair of a nearby table
unoccupied presently, “what extraordinary mail”
thought Nomi just then, but took it all the same
waited ’till she left and then read it with pain

                         Nomi Reads                                                                                                                                                     the note as follows:

327. Dear New Member,
When a stonemason cuts a block to use in the construction of a building,
it must be perfectly shaped so that it will
support the other blocks that surround it. [get the feeling?]

328. The block’s sides must all be perfectly straight with no faults,
so that it will do its part as just one small piece of a [halt]

329. much larger building.
To check the reliability of his workmanship, [kindling]

330. the stonemason uses a tool called a *******,shaped like a right angle,
to determine whether the sides and angles of the [angel]

331. stone are perfect. Freemasons use the term to describe
their trust in each other. [that they gather inside]

332. A man who is on the square is honest and
reliable, and is a strong part of the whole community [man]


333. around him. The term is also used to mean
“just between you [just between you] and me.”
Burn after reading.

                                End of note

334. Nomi knew not what to make of the note,
but he burned it [all] the same as the note had told

335. The lady came back and handed him a beer
and then she said “no burning in here”

336. My apologies, Miss, I was just following orders
she then pulled out a blade and went for his neck
he realized then that she was only a performer
that worked for the masons and wanted him dead

337. He ducked and then turned, ramming her wrist
and made a loud cry that went something like this:


338. He turned the blade upon his assasin just then
killing her quick and running out of the den


339. Who could he trust, Nomi did not know
he then went to Hollywood, knowing no place else he could go

340. Nomi met Mila just after midnight
he awoke her at home and gave her a fright

341. She explained that she had an audition the next day
and to come back on Monday, she’d hear what he’d to say

342. So then to kill time, Nomi closed his eyes to dream
he went many places and saw many things

343. Feeling hungry he travled to the Garden of the Hesperides
and ate a golden apple beloved by Hera then

344. Off now to Crete, he met the Serpent Priestess there
who gave him leave to enter the Great Temple where


345. He was met by the Great Mother, Rhea Gaea Cybele
and she shared with him wisdom to save him from Hell

346. “Of what do you speak?” Nomi did ask
“Tartarus, young man, the infernal region of past”

347. Nomi then thanked his host and left her in awe
and never spoke a word of the mysteries he saw

348. Nomi D then awoke with a start and a shake
it was Monday then and he’d a date to make

349. Mila was ready on her balcony then
and he kissed both the cheeks of his bull-headed friend

350. He told Mila of the attempted assasination
and her strange connection with the age old Masons

351. Mila explained of her connection also
would see what she could dig up, that she’d meet him tomorrow

352. Nomi figured then that he’d get a taste of the city
and went out to find an old friend named Miss Kitty

353. In the big daddy of clubs Miss Kitty looked fine
across the street from Capitol records on Vine

354. He took her for a spin on the dance floor just then
and they cut up the rug like to stand was a sin

355. M.K. took Nomi to her loft found above
and seven hours later left him with a hug

356. Before very long it was finally Monday
and he went back to Mila to hear what she’d to say


357. She told him of the secrets she knew
and he was pleased by the time they were through

358. He left Hollywood much more enlightened than before
and went back to where much action was in store

359. Little did Nomi know just then                                                                                                              but soon enough he would meet his own twin

****Interlude J

Suddenly an aurora borealis shone high above in the skies
and had the magical properties to take Nomi’s spirit into
the land of television where he witnessed a scene from ABC’s
Boy Meets World in which Eric Matthews returns after
many years away. From above the room, Nomi witnessed…

360. Jack:Eric?

361. Eric: No, not Eric, not anymore.
My name…is Plays With Squirrels

362. Jack: Perfect…even more insane.

363. Eric: Insane? If giving away all your worldly possessions, renouncing society and
learning how to purify and drink your own urine is insane then…yes, color me insane.

364. Jack: See ya later buddy.

365. Eric: I have something for you.

366. Jack: I’m a wealthy man. I am a captain of industry. What is this power
you have over me?

367. Eric: I dunno…
Here, read this.

368. Jack: What, what is this?


369. Eric: It’s me mannifesto. All of us hermits have one.

370. Jack: ‘The Secret of Life’ by Plays With Squirrels.
Hey everybody, I’ve got the secret of life here if you
wanna know.

The aurora began to fade and Nomi’s spirit was then taken from the land
of television…

****End of Interlude J

371. In Pepper Pond City the action was big
Nomi saw a man that could be his twin

372. The man saw Nomi, then turned and ran
Nomi pursued the man and then

373. Said to him, “Sir, what is thy name?”
“Imon it is, and death is my game.”

374. “If death is thy game, what is life to thee?”
said Imon to him, “just vitae”

375. Nomi thought to save his life
that he’d take Imon to The Crab of Strife

376. There they’d have a drink or two
and when they arrived Imon told Nomi the news:

Part XXI- – – – – – -The Return of the Would-Be Bride___________________

377. I have found the woman that you were to marry
She is on her way, call if things get scary

Imon departs, but keeps his cell phone on in case…

378. The one who broke promise- Miss Laurel Marie
entered just then with no heart on her sleeve

379. “You have no heart!” cried Nomi just then
“You I know not, not even as friend!”

380. “Please, Nomi D., just hear me out please,
I’ve much to tell you if you’d listen to me.”


381. Nomi was quiet as Laurel moved closer
his guard was up as he was hurt before
Sure was he stronger, his heart made of steel
he waited a bit longer, despite what he feel (felt, of course)

382. She told him a tale about another
named Casey Christine, her lesbian lover
The very same one that was to preside
over their wedding that fateful night

383. “What happened to Casey, I dare ask you now?”
“She left me for another, now I am without,

384. “And if you’d have me back, I never would stray.”
“Begone from me lady, the time is too late!”

385. Miss Christine broke down, and then fell at his feet
Nomi spat on her head, said again: “Depart from me!”

386. She sobbed like a lion and would not leave,
so he pocket dialed Imon, who was quietly waiting

Part XXI- – – – – – -The Death of the Would-Be Bride___________________

387. in the next room, and came in a flash
with a switchblade knife hid behind his back

388.” Come with me Miss Christine, your limo is waiting”
“But I called for no-” “But I was anticipating.”

389. He held out his hand and she took it in hope
he then pulled her up and put knife to her throat

390. “For you my good brother!” he said “to the end!”
cutting her throat, and she fell down dead.


Nomi, at the sight, fell faint.

391. Struggling then, with matters of life
and death just then did Nomi decide

Part XXII- – – – – – -Again to the Past: Meeting Mr. L.D.T.__________________

392. to travel far back into the past to
meet with the philosopher, Mister Lao Donald Tzu
the year he found him was five thirty two


393. “Mr. Tzu, I seek wisdom, to calm my heart
teach me thy ways, please, before I depart.”

394. Lao thought really hard, scratched his head and then said
“I know just the right words to plant in your head!”

395. “See through things of the world.
If you cannot see through the things of the world,
You will sink into an ocean of suffering.
How can you get out?”

396. “Nomi scratched his chin, his spirit now ‘gone’
and he motioned for the transparent sage to readily go on

397. “Get rid of anger and hatred.
If you do not sweep yourself clean of anger and hatred,
You will be full of turbulence,
which will obscure the truth.

After a brief pause, he continued…

398. “Do not be afraid of hard work.
With strength of mind, one will be able to climb to the summit;
If you are afraid of hardship, you will never enter the real.

Nomi was amazed, and urged Lao to go on…

399. “View others and self as the same
Others and self have the same source, without high or low,
If you discriminate between “them” and “us”, you raise dust.”

400.”Wow” spoke Nomi, “spoken real fine,
that last saying of yours even rhymed!”

401. “I care not about ‘rhyming’, Nomi, good sir
It’s all about timing, and ever true words.”

402.”There you go again, Mr. Tzu, my friend
you could be a poet, and to no fine end!”

403. “I disagree, I speak only the truth
what to make of it is up to…others.”

404. Nomi smiled and had quite a laugh
“Thank you my friend, now it’s time I head back.
If ever I return, we’ll have a drink and eat sturgeon.”
“A strong one for you, but make mine a virgin!”


405.”Where do you go, my hungry friend?”
“You would not believe me if the truth were said.”

     And on that note Nomi went back to the future. Time travel had some how
    made Nomi feel really randy….and since the scales had been tipped in his
    favor as of late….

Part XXIII- – – – – – -Now To The Present, An Encounter With Zooey_________________

406. Nomi looked at the time, it was past eleven p.m.
he called her up, ‘though she said it’d never happen again

407. She sounded real sexy and things were going well
so he said ‘come on over’ to Zooey Dechanel

408. He knew her knock- four bangs on the wall
she said “I’m only your late night booty call

409. “I took off her shirt as she unbuttoned mine
off came her bra, as did my tie”

410. Kissed her soft with a breast in his hand
she reached down for what made Nomi a man

411. She unbuckled his belt, he unzipped her jeans
kissed her tummy, thigh and down to her knee

412. She threw him on the bed and jumped on top
with her hands on his chest and her clam on his…penis (c’mon, I don’t wanna
use the dirty phallic name that also
descibes a rooster!)

413. After a while the time felt right,
he flipped her on the back and went inside

414. Out and in, and in and out
they were one person then
in a moment they both came loud
he collapsed upon his friend

415. He woke up twenty three minutes later
when she wiggled, and he was still inside her

416. He got up and started the shower
she had a smoke on the balcony
she brought back a sky blue flower
which she smelled and then gave to he


417. He smelled it as well and put it on the counter                                                                they stayed in the warm water for over an hour

418. He had a c’g’rette as she dried her hair
he poured them both scotch on the rocks
she came out in skimpy underwear
‘by-the-chest-hair-of-Chuck-Norris!’ she sure looked hot

419. They had four drinks and made some music
It wasn’t his style so he said she could use it

****Interlude J

420. It’s the number of active chemicals in marijuana
not that Nomi smoked it, but he approves of those who’re gonna

It’s teatime in Holland, well what do ya say?
It also happens to be Adolf Hitler’s birthday!

Littleton, Colorado had their shootings then
Klebold and Harris killed at Columbine (x)then

Negative energy from one point of view
as a scorpion strikes it’s prey
it is the circle of life merely read in the news
another sun rises for another day

****End of Interlude J

Part XXIV- – – – – – -A Call From Ander in Need______________

421. Ring ring ring went his pocket phone just then
he answered instead of just ignoring it

422. “Talk to me, man, he said to whoever
that turned out to be he good friend Ander

423. “I’m in real trouble, can you meet me in an hour?”
“I’ll be there in half, if things have gone sour.”

424. He left the lady without so much as a word
hailed a cab and was on his way
traffic was bad, so it took sixty five minutes
stepped into the bar and ordered a Guiness
Ander stepped up without a good thing to say
Nomi looked in his eyes and understood

425. “The pigs have gotten wind of my underground business,
I need a safe place, can you help me out with this?”

426. “Say nothing more, just consider it done,
Ander, old pal, you’re no longer on the run.”

427. Nomi made a call, followed by one more
they got in his car, went to a shady store

428. The owner met them as they walked in the door
with a handshake Nomi payed the man
From the back room then out walked a whore
that Nomi had known from the days of yore


429. The man whose name need not be mentioned
motioned for Rita to help the two gentlemen

430. They left the shop with she in the middle
she took them to her place in the city
from the armory she procured a bow and six arrows
“This is all, I assure you, you’ll need”

                                After informing Ander that he must complete a task for her
                    in exchange for the services she would after provide,
           the two left to a shady area in Pepper Pond known as ‘the block.’

431. “Okay, Ander, you know what you’ve to do
my only question is this: can you follow through?”
“Nomi,old friend, is the sky above blue?”

Part XXV- – – – – – -The Assasination________________

432. So they positioned themselves atop the Street House
and waited for the prey like a cat to a mouse

433. Soon the dealer known locally as the Boogey Man
stepped into view, Ander was already ready then

434. He pulled an arrow from the quiver
a chill came upon him, Ander felt the shiver

435. “Eins, zwei, drei, VIER!”
he shot the first arrow which flew through the air

436. Gary was hit right in his big gut
Ander was ready, shot the next dart

437. Flip, flip, flip, flip!
the rest of the arrows did not miss

438. The target lay dead on the street, all to see
with six arrows sticking out of his dead body


439. It took a while, ’bout a half an hour
before the police came with their given power

440. “One time!” was yelled by the gathered folks
to indicate that the law had come in droves


                              To center his mind,
                                 Nomi walked to a
                                     better side of Pepper Pond

Part XXVI- – – – – – -Tai Chi Once Again, A Break Out In Song___________

441. The days of the Moon, Woden, and Thor
Nomi went to PPC’s Tai Chi
led by The Founder, Master Bernie
of the street group, awake with coffee

442. Americanized Issac joined in the fun
Just under a year but it has only begun
Nomi watches as something more grows
Terra, Wes, Thomas, Mary and Fred Knows

443. Children hush and pigeons stop by
“here are the normal people” they think in their bird minds

444. As the pigeons make noises, the children hum too
and they sing a song, that is certainly not new
They heard it in the radio, and in their heads it stuck
a melodic tune by the artist, Bruda’Doug:

 Little Alexander Weinstein sang the
             first verse by his onesy

445. “The evening sun, has found someone, a true love, such as this
can never be undone, no one, can run from, a kiss
….what I miss….

    Now the group sang together in four-part harmony

446. The moon light: magestic, the song’s remedy
meandering moments of sincerity
The mountain: in motion, tonight comes alive
as the golden brown sand, slips through your hand

                      Next, Little Alexander’s twin sister Alexandra sang the
                           second verse solo

447. Pondering purple pedals, whisper secrets, to the wind
whether we’re together, doesn’t matter, one bit
I told you once , I’ll tell you twice, you’ll never forget
you fooled me once, and it was nice, so fool me, again
….let’s begin….

                                 Again, the group                                                                                                                             sing together

448. The moon light: magestic, the song’s remedy
meandering moments of sincerity
The mountain: in motion, tonight comes alive
as the golden brown sand, slips through your hand tonight

            As they repeat the chorus, nearly two dozen pigeons
                                    begin flying all around them: coo-coo-ca-cooing

449. Upon the completion of the song
the pigeons flew high in the sky
then assumed the positions to which they belonged
and became one body and mind

450. “I am Pricus, the great!” the sea goat declared
and then floated slowly down from the air.

451. ‘Had the body of a goat from the waist on up
and the long tail of a fish down beneath
with one hooved hand on the handle of sword
it drew swiftly from it’s sheath

452. The blade made of lead
a garnet in the hilt
all but eight children fled
for fear of being killed


453. There also were Issac and Nomi
Marita, too, with husband Bernie
whom the children gathered behind
in fighting stance ready

454. Issac drew swords, tossing one to Nomi
“On my count we attack, ready: one, two, three!”

455. To the right could be seen
Merrita and Bernie using fighting Tai Chi

456. Pricus swung his giant sword just then
missing Nomi D., who dodged with arching back-bend

457. Bernie swung a golf club, hitting the goat’s wrist
but it did little damage, so he then used his fist

458. The children had gathered many stones and did throw
at the head of the malevelant, mean, nasty sea goat

459. With a flip of it’s tail, it knocked down the six kids
all that now stood were the two Alex’s                                                                                          holding pitchers of water a priest deemed sacred

460. Issac did a flip and landed high on it’s tail
and tried stabbing through scales, but to little avail

461. Merrita got the golf club that was tossed in the grass
and hit a rock with it at the things head with a ‘smack!’

462. The Alex’s held their pitchers together
Nomi ran quick and planted his foot in the water
The two then launched him- just as light as a feather

463. With a downward swing,
he caught Pricus’s forehead
brown blood pured out
and it fell down dead

464. The children ran to the goat just as fast as could be
and began ripping it apart, saving the meat


465. Which they gave to Bernie
who would cook it real fine,
put it into burritos
for his Tai Chi students to dine

466. Mary the Mighty walked up just then
greeted our Nomi, “What happened, my friend?”

467. “Let’s just say that for the next couple weeks
you’ll be cooking with Capricorn Sea-Goat meat!”

               The sun was covered by dark clouds just after this…                                                                     down from the sky fell two little fish.

****Interlude K
468. rishon– First Nomi slipped into a dream רִאשׁוֹן
rishona– and she took him beyond the ten streams רִאשׁוֹנָה

469. sheni– Second he dried and layed on the grass שֵׁנִי
shniya– She nudged him and teased, calling him a lame ass שְׁנִיָה

470. shlishi– Thirdly he ran through the fields of her land שְׁלִישִׁי
shlishit– and she came into and ran holding hands שְׁלִישִׁית

471. revi’i– Fourthly he stopped at the edge of a cliff רְבִיעִי
revi’it– She waited next to, and gave him a kiss רְבִיעִית

472. hamishi– Fifthly he jumped and fell a long way חֲמִישִׁי
hamishit– and she was not scared as he opened his cape חֲמִישִׁית

473. shishi– Sixthly they sailed many miles over land שִׁשִּׁי
shishit– She she looked down on the earth whilst holding his hand שִׁשִּׁית

474. shvi’i– Seventhly he landed them atop a tree שְׁבִיעִי
shvi’it– and she was carried down to the ground on the shoulders of he שְׁבִיעִית

475. shmini– Eighthly he took her into a lake שְׁמִינִי
shminit– She was enamoured of the beauty of the ripples they made שְׁמִינִית

476. tshi’i– Ninthly he took her behind a waterfall תְּשִׁיעִי
tshi’it– and she held on tight so as not to fall תְּשִׁיעִית


477. ‘asiri– Tenth and lastly they were married right there עֲשִׂירִי
‘asirit– she gave him her love and he awoke in a prayer עֲשִׂירִית

****End of Interlude K

                           Now we return to where Nomi and his friends have just beaten                                 the Sea Goat…
478. Mary raised an eyebrow in disbelief
but was reassured when she saw in the street
the body of the creature, dead and bleed(ing)

479.”Farewell, sweet Mary, now I must go,
until next we meet, but you may not know.”

Part XXVI- – – – – – -Time Travel To New Line Cinema___________

480. So Nomi pushed some buttons on the watch on his wrist
and was taken away to a different time oth’ than this

482. A junkyard at night, it was quite scary
from out of a trunk, Kincade came
“Freddies’ back, you fool, get away
he’s coming here soon, it is not safe!”

483. Then Krueger appeared and slew the poor boy
“I’ll see you in Hell” he said as he doyed (the rhyme for died)


484. Nomi grabbed a mirror from off the ground
and aimed it at the monster who turned with a frown

485. “See yourself, Freddy, see tonight,
evil will see itself and it will die!”

                                   So Freddy did and he died. Nomi pressed some more                                                     buttons on his watch and was transported to the time                                                     before nine eleven in Pepper Pond City, in front of a                                                      statue of a ram…


Part XXVIII- – – – – – -Time Travel From New Line Cinema___________

486. Ring Ring Ring went Nomi’s phone then
caller ID said it was a good friend

487. “Mila, hello, what’s going on”
“Nomi I need you to sing me a song”

So Nomi put down the phone, got out his ukulele, and sand to his friend
Mila Kunis, this song by bRUDA’dOUG:

488.“I remember your eyes the very first day and
try as i might, i’d no words to say to


489. you, maybe it was then
I knew

490. I remember your smile, and the way that you laughed and
was I worth the while, could i be the man for

491. you, maybe it was then
you knew

492. you are an angel sent from above
my beautiful oriental, the only one i love

493. now i know that i was meant to
bring you back with me
your kind eyes tell me you are mine
and we will be happy

494. cause you are an angel sent from above
domo konichiwa the only words I know of
to say to you
that and i love you
more than you or I
could know”

495. Mila was quiet as she thought of the words
“was that written for me, the song that I heard?”

496. “Can’t say that it was, but I meant it for you
I’m not a writer, so what can I do?”                                                                                                     “That’s bull-poo!”

497. “Come here real quick, I’m getting so wet
I need your stick, of that you can bet!”

498. “I’ll be there real soon, I’m in the PPC
it’s okay though, I’ve a time machine with me!”

499. So Nomi pushed buttons and travled through space
to Hollywood California to see Mila’s face

500. “That was fast, Nomi my dear!”
I love you Mila, that’s why I appeared!”


                              He looked deep in her eyes                                                                                                                               and noticed that it was not Mila

501. “Who are you dear, girl, you’re not Mila?!”
“No, I’m her twin, I come from the villa.”

502. “I’m confused dear girl, what is your name?”
Alim of Arabia, if its all the same.”

503. “It most certainly is, because you are beautiful
let us get away and write our own musical!”

504. “How will we travel, Nomi, my dear?”
“In a flying car that Larry built!”

505. So the two lovers flew for hours,
’till they arrived at a willow by the lake
Alim very carefully took Nomi’s powers
but she did it for loves’s lost sake

Part XXIV- – – – – – -To Old Germany to Make History_____

506. “What do you say we make some history now?”
His girl Alim said that she was down

                    So Nomi set his time machine to the year 1900, and they went to
                          the Braunau am Inn, Germany; eleven year old Adolf Hitler was                                                   painting
                                                       near a window

507. “Gutten Tag, young sir, what do you paint?”
“Just a flower. good sir, isn’t it quaint?”

508. “It certainly is, Adolf, my lad
would you paint one of me and my darling lass?”

509. Adolf was amazed that the stranger knew his name
so he painted the couple and put it in frame

510. “We must be off now, my young friend,
but I guarantee that we will meet once again!”

Part XXV- – – – – – -Back to the “Here & Now” relatively speaking_____

   So Nomi D. returned to the present…but when he got to his home,                              he  was in for quite the surprise…
511. Nomi walked in the front door and took off his shirt
and something in the back room he then heard
peering in there while holding his shirt…

           he saw someone and from her he heard: “that’s hot”

512. Paris, my pal how are you dear,
and what may I ask would bring you here?!”

the woman was none other than Paris Hilton, in the nude, no  less!


513. “No time to talk, just take off your clothes
I have a photo shoot to attend and I mist you so”

The rest of what happened is far to explicit to tell

514. Zipping back up her dress, Paris did say
“It was rather fun, I’ll see you another day!”

 Many weeks have now passed…

Part XXVI- – – – – – -Ander Returns for Some Trouble____

515. “Heil, Nomi, my friend is that you!?”
“indeed, mister Ander, how the hell are you!?”

516. “Oh not so bad, I’m just looking for trouble”
“Sounds like fun, I’ll order it on the double!”

517. So Nomi and Ander hit the streets of Pepper Pond
kicking around cans and singing a Bruda’Doug song:

****Interlude L

Nomi began singing the verse whilst
Ander harmonized, sounding rehearsed

518. “Avril, act natural-
this won’t hurt you at all…an
anvil, Black Capitol,
is hanging just to fall.”

Then they sang in unison:

519. “I see you below, standing in the hole;
above you I look down.
While tensions grow, my face is aglow;
you stand in wedding gown.”

Ander sang the bridge by himself:

520. “Scissors in hand, I hold your fate with them
I know that I can, just you wait patient.”

Nomi sang the next:

521. “I see you below, standing in the hole;
above you I look down.
While tensions grow, my face is aglow;
you stand in wedding gown.”

                                They both sang rest while the people looked at them in                                    frightful horror:

522. “The cut, is enough-
the weight falls down from up…on
Avril, Black Capitol,
smashing her head and guts.”

****End of Interlude L

                     Ander then got a call from his girlfriend
                        and had to leave Nomi all by his once-see

523. “What now shall I do?”
Nomi did think
“Try something new!”
he said with a wink

                     So Nomi went to the Pepper Pond Central Library and went
                  on the computer. He went to Wade’s List dot com and found
             an attractive woman.

Part XXVII- – – – – – -When Nomi Met Diane

524. “My name is Diane” the young woman said
“and if you agree to meet me I will take you to bed”                                                                            “And I don’t have crabs” the young woman said (also)


525. Nomi thought, “cool, this is something new now!”
so they met in public and then went to her apartment now

526. She had yellow hair and bright blue eyes
she took off all her clothes and to Nomi’s surprise
beneath she wore a belt that had a knife!

Part XXVIII- – – – – – -The Wade’s List Killer!

527. “You’re the Wade’s List killer!” he said and ran
she threw the knife and it stuck in the wall then

528. Nomi pulled it out and threw it right back
like when Jack Burton killed David Lopan

                         The knife went directly into her forehead


                                                    Seven Years have now passed and Nomi is older                                                                            and wiser
529. Nomi wrote a note to Pam
“will you help me? I have a plan”
“yes I can, my fine young lad”

****Interlude L

As Nomi finished reading, he looked upon the wall and saw
this written in paint:
530. “And
Thank you again,
Thank you for being
In my life as a friend, be
Cause you helped me.
Unless I
See you again…kol tuv”

531. As Nomi read the beginning of each line
he spelled out ‘Atticus’, “well that’s just fine!”

532. Atticus was a friend he knew
from the olden days, and in time they grew

533. quite close
the most
that a German could boast

534. Of being friends with an orthodox Jew
he knew
that many more adventures would ensue

****End of Interlude L

535. Just then Nomi got a text from Pam
“My son remember: the Lion and the Lamb

536. This made Nomi choke up inside
so much so that he grabbed his knife
and hit the streets, but was not to be polite


                               Just then appeared Kevin, Kevin Plank

Part XXIX- – – – – – -The Return of the Plank

537. “Kevin, my man, how the hell have you been
it is always nice to see an old friend
but I must know if you’re in it ’till the end?!”

538. “DonaNomi, you fiend, where the hell have YOU BEEN?
neither here ‘nor there have I seen (you)?”

539. “Funny you should ask,
last week I’s in France
and the women there are to die for
so pack your bags!”

                          Nomi then grabbed Kevin’s hand and Kevin pressed
                   some buttons on Nomi’s time-traveling watch
             and they were sent to Paris just then
         the year was 1163

540. “Look, Kevin over there, do you know what that is?”
“No, Nomi D, pray tell what it is!”

541. “The Notre Dame Cathedral, that’s what they’re building
I tell you Mister Plank that we’ve arrived too early

                            So Nomi pressed some buttons, shot an arrow, and said

542. “To the Louvre we go!” and to the Louvre they went
in another time, that was time well spent

543. “Now to the tower that is called the Eiffel
in you are game, it will not be trifle!”

                            Then they went to Le Marais, that was
                                 straddling the 3ème and 4ème arrondissements
                                   to get a drink of wine and to dine

544. “I’m feeling quite loaded now,
by way and by how
so back to Pepper Pond
to the Capital’s front lawn!

                            Kevin Plank then went his own way

Part XXX- – – – – – -The Departure of the Plank & The Party

Nomi was tired of the fakes and the phonies,
so one day he threw a party. Here is the invitation list:

555. John Depp was quite the shlep
James Carrey was awfully harry

556. George Lucas did amuse us
Angelina Jolie gave it away for free

557. Anne Hathaway, Nomi invited to stay
Vladamir Putin had an appointment in Houston

558. Jon Stewart got very butt-hurt
Howard Stern felt the burn


559. Kobe Bryant told Nomi to try it
John Stockton was without wanton

560. Michael Jordan could afford it
Scotty Pippen was double dippin’

561. Ariana Grande looked pretty splande
Harry Styles walked ten miles

562. Dwayne Johnson pulled out his lighter
Steven Spielberg drank a hilfurg

563. Madonna asked Nomi: “do you wanna?”
Andy Warhol painted horrible, he had not the pallet to have the balance

564. Tiger Woods was very good
Brad Pitt was the snitch

565. Billy Ray Cyrus showed his privates
Marshall Mathers said: “everyone gather!”

566. Tom Cruise wasn’t in the mood
Selena Gomez joined the Adam’s family

567. Stephen Colbert lost his hair
Bill Clinton(not Hilary) was with several women

568. David Letterman had that gap again
David Beckham said :”don’t sweat ’em
Taylor Swift brought a gift

569. Katy Perry was also harry

570. Justin Bieber gave the finger
Katelynn Pardoul was really cool
Kayla Martinez kissed the President
Nathan Pardoul was also cool
Donald Trump(not Barack) took a stinky dump


                                                                                                                                                                     Nomi grew bored at his own party, so he went upstairs to his bedroom,
          went into the closet-pulled a lever- and stepped into the time
      machine that took him all the way to 1987.
  Santa Bruz, Walifornia

Part XXXI- – – – – – -Traveling Through Time Again

571. Nomi went to a concert at night
and saw a woman who’s eyes were bright
“I’m Jami,” she said to Nomi’s fright

572. So he followed her to another man
who’s name was Keifer and he had a plan

573. They raced their ‘cycles to Hudson’s bluff
now curious Nomi could not get enough

574. “How far ‘ya wiiling to go, Nomi?” Kief asked him by name
so the group of ‘lost boys’ and girl went down into the cave

575. “Drink some of this Nomi, be one of us”
“You don’t have to, Nomi, it’s blood” Jami said
“Yeah, right” Nomi said “bottoms up!”
Nomi then became undead

576. “Nomi” they chanted, and he felt oh so well,
“I’ve got to go now” he said “Keif, I’ll see you in Hell!”

                    Back to the present, Nomi did travel, but now he was different in
                       a way that he could not explain…

577. Feeling so lost, as he never before had
decided to visit Father Martin Diaz

578. “Father please help me, I’m not like myself”
“Take off the sun glasses, I’ll try to give help”

579. Nomi took off the glasses, but the sunlight hurt his eyes
so he motioned to Martin that they best go inside.                                                                            “Great scorpion’s tail, just wait ’till tonight!”

580. As they walked past the mirror, the Father lost his complection
as he saw that Nomi had not a reflection

Part XXXII- – – – – – -You’re A Vampire, Nomi!

581. “You’re a vampire, Nomi, a vampire indeed!”
“Is that what I am? Is that what you think?”

582. “Trust me, my son, I know what I know,
but until I know more it is best that you go.”


                               Nomi simply was too overwhelmed to go on thinking,
                                  his sub-conscious took over and in the land of dreams he
                                       heard a voice crying out in the wilderness

Interlude M

583. “Welcome, Nomi, this is your dream-land”
“Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

584. “I’m gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse.”
“Well go on then, I’ve got nothing to lose.”

585. “Take my wife, though she be a whore.”
“Toto, I’ve got a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

End of interlude M

                               When Nomi awoke, he looked around. Father Martin was no                                                 longer here.
                                                      Nomi began to walk…

586. “Alpha, Alpha I have a problem
Bravo, Bravo for when I’ve solved it”

587. “I know that I have got to think harder,
oh horse-man, hidden archer!”

Part XXXIII- – – – – – -Charlie Chance

588. Charlie Chance came and said hi
“Charlie, old friend, I thought that you’d died!”
“Almost drowned in the Delta did I”

589. “Goodbye, aloha- goodbye and hello”
he listened close to hear his Echo

590. Just then a Fox Trotted by
and had not the nerve to stop and say hi

591. So Nomi put down a ball and played golf (mini)
“by the frozen head of Victor Von Disney!”

592. Nomi then checked into the Hilton Hotel
and made a collect call to India, long distance, ‘what the h-e-double hockey stick’

593. Juliet answered and said “Kilo?”
“Lima tell you Julie, I’ve missed you so!”

594. “I’m sorry Nomi, but now I love Mike,
we’re to wed in November, I’m sorry, but I-”


595. So Nomi called Oscar De La Hoya for drinks
and asked the great boxer, “what do you think?”

596. “Well Papa Don, it is time to move on
to Quebec, perhaps.” “No, you are wrong!”

597. Nomi downed a Sierra Nevada then
and payed the tab which was money ill-spent

598. “It takes two to Tango” Nomi did say
a uniformed guard then did come his way

but in or out of uniform,                                                                                                                       Nomi knew him as a Capricorn

599. “Victor, you dog, where have you been
have some whiskey on me, my old friend”

600. “The X-ray came back, I’m going to live”
“Why, you blue Yankee, where the heck have you been!?”
“Actually to Zulu is where I was sent.”

                                       Nomi began to tire, so he said:

601. “I regret to tell you that I must leave
have a good one Charlie, ’till next we meet”

     Nomi then went in his time machine to go to a time long after 9/11

602. Nomi then went to Manchester, England
he figured that he’d do a little sight-seein’

603. Children were throwing out lots of confhetti
Nomi then met Salman Abedi

“How do you do, you look rather hurt?”
No, I’m on my way to an Ariana Grande concert!”

                                  Returning to the time before 9/11, Nomi bumped into his old
                                             pal and mentor Franklin

604. “How doeth thou, my good ‘Spitalian’ chum”
“Nice one Nomi, it has only begun.”

605. Riding in a fury past
went Nomi’s pal Atticus

606. “Man on a mission, that one is,
so how have you been Frank, besides being missed?”


607. “Just fine, just fine,
but if you’ll excuse me, it is time
that I get to go away and dine.”

                                       Many days passed…

608. It had been a while since his last confession,
so Nomi, carried waterk, went to church, and learned a lesson.

                                   He went into the confessional booth where he asked:

609. “Father Martin, is it a sin to kill?”
“Ask the Tiger, dear son, if you will.”

                                     Now convinced that killing was okay, Nomi went to the                                                 Street House
                                              where he found Kris and Frank working security…

Part XXXIV- – – – – – -Killing To Do

610. “What’s up Nomi, how goes it with you?”
“Franklin, my friend, we’ve got killing to do!”

611. “I dunno, Nome, soun’d kinda bad…”
“Don’t you worry Kris, ’cause permission I have!”

612. Kris looked to Frank, who shrugged and then said:
“Altrighty friends, where do we begin?!”

613. Frank thought a minute, scratching his head
and after that minute he finally said:
“I had a bulley in school, why don’t we kill him?
If killing, you say, is no longer a sin.”

614. “Give us his name,” Nomi said, “‘Tis fate!”
“The son of a bitch is Rodney Tate”

615. “Who else, Kris, you’re not getting out of this
give us a name to put on the list!”

616. “Okay then, a name if I try
Michael Spagnola was an accused fly!”
“It is settled then, my friends,
do not tell me where, but tell me when!”

           But fist let us go back in time to when Nomi was trapped on a desert Isle

Interlude N

617. Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale,
A tale of a fateful trip,
That started from a tropic port,
Aboard a tiny ship.

618. The record made no metion of Nomi
because he slipped on-board unseen
he’d just got done watching
the Beatle’s Yellow Submarine


619. The mate was a mighty sailing man,
The skipper brave and sure.
Six passengers set sail that day,
For a three hour tour, a three hour tour.                                                                                                They also caught two fish an hour from the shore

620. When he got a little tipsy and the weather a little windy
he wandered into Ginger’s bedroom, did our hero Nomi!

621. The weather started getting rough,
The tiny ship was tossed,
If not for the courage of the fearless crew,
The minnow would be lost, the minnow would be lost.

620. Nomi sacrificed himself by climbing to the crow’s nest
he shouted for God to do his very best [to help them]

621. The ship set ground on the shore of an uncharted desert isle,
With Gilligan,
The Skipper too,
The millionaire and his wife,

622. Nomi D, especially

623. The movie star,

624.  The Professor and Mary Ann
Here on Nomi D’s Isle!

End of Interlude N

Part XXXV- – – – – – -The Writing of the Plan

625. So the trio of unlikely heroes began
to write down on parchment a part of their plan

626. Kris said that Mike was a giant of a man
and to kill him slowly as best as they can(ould)

627. Frank said no, “if they go then they go”
it would be cruel to take them slow.”

628. Nomi agreed with Frank the High Chief
so they ventured away from Pepper Pond
it took some time, about seven weeks
’till they arrived on the bad guy’s front lawn!


629. “Show thyself thou wretched cur!”
yelled Frank rather than utter a fouler word

630. Rodney Tate appeared just then
followed by four other friends
“Take us if you think you can!”
retorted Rodney with knife in hand

631. Frank fought him while Kris killed two
Nomi fought hard, they were dead when he ‘s through


632. It took an hour for Frank to win
but Nomi and Kris patiently waited


                    Two weeks passed while the three recovered from their injuries.
                         Finally they got together on a hot day in June and paid Mike
                            Spagnola a visit at home.

Part XXXVI- – – – – – -A Hot Day in June

633. Frank knocked on the door of his bully former
but was surprised when a child answered the doorer

634. “Is your father at home?” Frank asked the young lad.
“Maybe, sir he might be, I will be right back.”

635. When big Mike appeared alone Frank wasted no time
“Hey there big guy, now you are mine!”

636. They duked it out just man to man
’till Frank saw brass knuckles in Michaels hand
“Put those down or I’ll shoot you dead”
Were the words spoken then, that Nomi had said

637. Mike dropped the brass and they landed on the grass
Frank wasted no time in kicking Mike’s ass

638. The fight went for hours but to sum it all up
at the end of the fight Frank spilt Michael’s blood
“Tis done, good sirs, yes, ’tis done.”


                                   So the trio went back to Pepper Pond City,                                                                           in the name of the Ram, oh what a pity!

Part XXXVII- – – – – – -Return to Pepper Pond City

639. “We have done well” Nomi then said,
but it has been tiresome and I’m off to bed.”

640. So both Frank and Kris
went back to their shift,
but be assured that
Nomi saw them again


642. Then Nomi awoke, he drank a Coke, and went to Gallivan plaza Plaza drank also coffee, did Tai Chi with Bernie, and played the ukulele after

643. “What the fuck is this!?” said a voice, “ballet class?”                                                                 “Leave us alone or I’l kick your ass!”

              Spoke Garret just then to Daniel Gonzalez, who                                                                       had just walked up, clearly not in his right                                                                                 mind….

644. “Put up your dukes, but if you lose, you can never come here again!”                         “Bring it on, your hair is so long, I say that you look like a woman!”

Part XXXVIII- – – – – – -Garret Was Fast

645. Dan swung first but Garret was fast                                                                                               with his big leather boots,  kicked Dan in the ass                                                               “That was not fair, for I was not ready!”                                                                                            “Go away, Daniel, before things get too heavy.”

646. Dan then pulled out a stiletto knife                                                                                           Garret kicked his foot in the air and it went as high                                                                  knocking the blade from Daniel’s hand                                                                                            “Get the funk out of Dodge and never come back again!’

647. So Daniel ran away then shouting and crying                                                                      “You really grabbed the bull by the horns, G-Man, and without even trying!’

648. Nothing to it, Nomi my friend,
but I must be going, intil I see you again!”

649. So Garret went home and Nomi took a nap
and when he awoke found a week had passed!

650. Not only that, but he was floating in the air!
he reached for the wall to pull himself down,
help me Russell, this isn’t fair
his brother came in, afraid of what he’d found

651. “You’re a Vampire, Nomi, what the hell?!”
“I’m you’re brother, Russ, help me down!!”

  1. So Russ helped down Nomi who got dizzy real fast                                                                 And Krista the fairy came and brought Nomi’s lovers from the past


  1. Casey Christine, said “this is not a dream”                                                                                                  And Tinnia said “not all’s what it seems                                                                              zz


  1. Bethanga and Ginger like twins nice and real sweet                                                              Took Nomi’s hands and then kissed him on the cheek


  1. Alim looked good, and was really modest                                                                               Though she looked like a princess, even a goddess


  1. Paris Hilton’s lips began to rot                                                                                                   But all she could say was: “that’s hot!”                                                                                     Her breasts were never then seen again,                                                                                   Oh how we missed those beautiful twins!


  1. Juliet, Roberta and Jami wasted no time                                                                                   They stripped down to nothing and opened the wine
  1. “I can’t handle to see                                                                                                                  All my former-lovers near me                                                                                                 Please do me this favor                                                                                                             Krista, my faire”

Part XXXIX- – – – – – -The Killing of Many Women

  1. Reading his mind, with a flip of her wand                                                                       Killed all the women and made them be gone!
  2.  And Nomi cried long…long….long.                                                                                           xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxB.C.xxxx:176                                                             After weeping for an unspecified period of time…
    1. Nomi went to the desert and took a tab of LSD

    “I know that the LDS are with me”


    1. Nomi then began to see spirits from the past

    “Why Jim Morrison, so good of you to come!”

    Just as Nomi thought the moment would not last

    Jim pulled out some acid and gave Nomi some

    Part XXXX- – – – – – -People Are Strange

    Then Jim began:


    ****Interlude O:
    663. “People are strange when you’re a stranger”                                                              “Be careful Jim, for we may be in danger”

    Nomi retorted. Jim continued:

    664. “Faces look ugly when you’re alone “                                                                                “And a dog may be hungry without its bone.”

    665. “Women seem wicked when you’re unwanted”                                                                          “I won’t go into a house, if it is haunted”

    666. We will skip this verse For it may be cursed


    667. “Streets are uneven, when you’re down”
    “Never will I be comfortable with a clown.”                                                                                 

    668. “When you’re strange 
    Faces come out of the rain”
    “When you’re in pain,
    Faces weep like the rain”                                                                                                                      

    669. “When you’re strange 
    No one remembers your name”
    “Also when you’re in pain,

    670. No one remembers your name.”
    ****End of Interlude O:

    When Nomi awoke from the trip, he decided to act upon his vision,



    671. So Nomi flew to the east,
    with the angel Gabriel they went with the breeze
    “Abu Sayyaf, and all of the members your group,
    you are needed in California, Abu can come too!”

    672. The legions across the Atlantic flew
    then across the Divided States before they they knew
    Nomi dropped some at Peican Bay State Prison
    to kill everyone , even the women

    673. Next to the Mule Creek Prison of the State
    and for the bombs to drop,                                                                                                                 he just couldn’t wait for them to go blam,                                                                    he plugged his ears: ” by the eyes of the crab!”

    674. Folsom Prison never seemed so blue
    as Nomi freed the prisoners, then away he flew                                                              “Thank you Abu, for all of your help,
    people were not meant to live in cages for the sake of the wealth(y people)”


    After so much death and destruction, Nomi, wanted something good,so…


    675. He and pal Al they went back in time
    “Can you keep a secret?” “Yes.””That’ll do fine.

    676. Where are we going, everythings all a blur
    just you be still, don’t say ye one word

    677. Letting go of Nomi’s time traveling wrist
    he looked around and saw little kids.
    “Jason, Jessica: don’t go to far!”
    said the mother holding a baby then said: “I know who you are.”
    Nomi stepped back and saw his infant self
    then picked a daisy to know how it smelled

    678. “Pretty flower!’ shouted the boy from his mother’s arms
    “Who’s this China-man?” she asked. Nomi said that he’d do them no harm

    679. “We must go now, miss Pamela Donald”
    don’t feel bad if you’ll not remember tomorrow!”

    So Al grabbed Nomi’s wrist and Nomi set the watch for the time before Nine Eleven, when the States still had a little freedom.


    670. So Nomi got back in time to hear the news
    about his pal Bill Cosby, and how he was accused                                                                          zz


    Part XXXXI- – – – -Remembering that Day

    671. He remembered Sammie Mays,
    how they’d shared her that day
    of all of the people
    she had her way!                                                                                                                       But there was no cryin’                                                                                                                by the mane of Mufassa the lion!”

    672. Sharon Van Ert, only got hurt
    when Bill did not call ’cause he had so much work

    673. Heidi Thomas, was rarely modest
    she got naked before it began
    Nomi and Bill found her the fondest
    she had the most beautiful hands!

  1. They had no evidence, they all were menstral                                                                            As the sex was actually consentual
  2. So Nomi went to his pal Frank and then,                                                                               had some drinks ‘till he was three sheets to the wind
  3. “What say you, Frank, where shall we go?”                                                                 “Where ever you like, Nomi, to and fro!”

                                                        So Frank & Nomi went to W. Church Street where there                                                was a painted piano
                                      chained to the sidewalk and a Mister Chistopher Connelly was                                sing ing this beautiful
                     song with really weird lyrcs:

****Interlude P:

677. “Let me take this awkward saw
And run it against your thighs

678. “Cut some flesh away
I’ll carry this piece of you with me”

679. “Whoa, ho, daddy-o”, interrupted Frank just then
“Quiet, Frank, this man is a friend!”

The blonde boy continued on the piano:

670. “Because all I can say tonight
is that I hate you

671. But it would be all right
If we could see each other sometime”

then he played a sad little ditty in Em and sang:

672. “If I could somehow make you mine…”


673. “And if not I’ll take my rusty spoons
And dig out your blue eyes

674. “I’ll swallow them down to my colon
They’re gonna burn like hell tonight

675. “Because you’re beautiful
Just not on the inside

676. “Light comes from within
And your beaming eyes don’t seem so bright”

677. Nomi and Frank joined in hand and hand
as they sang the words, began to understand

678.” Heart is on the floor
Why don’t you step on it?
When I think of all the
things you’ve done

679. “Boardwalks and breaking waves
Made our Saturdays
I’d buy you lemonade right now
if you were here
But then I’d throw it in your face
And I’d listen to you cry
And I’d remember how I miss
our nights under ocean skies

680. “You and I are like when fire
and the ocean floor collide.”

****End of Interlude P

After the musical number, Nomi and Frank parted ways….
Nomi then set his time machine to the year 2017 and met up
with Douglas and his friends…

Part XXXXII- – – – -Here Comes Klay, and Doug’s Other Friends

681. “Nice to meet you Nomi, my name’s Klay”
“Nice also, how are you today?”

682. “Hello Nomi, well what do you know,
I’m Dougy’s friend, Miss Sarah Stroh!”
“And I’m Robby Bobrow!”                                                                                                                     “Shoot the arrow, shoot the arrow!”

683. “Hello Nomi don’t forget me
This is David and I’m Sarah Aguirre!”
“And I’m Xander Larucci!”

684. “Nice to meet you, a friendship made,
I’m the Bowman, call me Greg!”


685. I’m not the Klingon they call Warf,
pleased to meet you, I’m Jason Sucksdorf!”
“And I’m David Ellsworth, I never fail;                                                                                                    nor miss a chance to unbalance the scale!”

686. “I’m Sarah’s bother, didn’t you know?
Put her there, I’m Benjamin Stroh!”

687. “I’m from Like David, but not lately,
you can call me Marc, Marc Haley!”

688. “I’m Lauren and this is Joey,
pleased to meet you, now you know me!”

689. “Watch out for Nomi, he’s a killer,
my name, good sir, is James Miller!”

690. “I’m chinese, like this guy-Alex,
you can call me Lefler, Itzak!”

691. “Polly wanna a cracker? said the parrot,
I’m Nomi’s pal, call me Garret!”

692. “Hey pal, nice to see yo
My name is Ryan Sedillo!”

693. “I’m Jason and this is Rob,
that’s Marita and Bernie Hart”

694. “Bring it in Doug, give me a hug,
I’m famous rock star Matt Young!”

695. “I’m Skip and this is Caleb,
that guy is Klint and that is Adam!”

696. “I am Whitney and that’s Jodene
That is Sean and Robert C.”
“And I’m Adam Neese!”


697. “Hello Doug, do not hate,
My name, you should know is Tara Kate.”
“And I’m Mike P, what a day!                                                                                                               By the scorpions sting, good will avail!”

Nomi shook hands with all 45 and then went back to his own time.

Part XXXXIII- – – – -Back To His Own Time

698. Back in the time before Nine Eleven
Nomi felt that he was in a heaven

699. True was true and fact was fact
and there was no fucking Patriot Act

700. It did not matter who was the President
there were at least some Rights present

701. Nomi was feeling alone
and decided to visit Green Hill Zone
There he chilled with the hedgehog, Sonic
as he battled against Doctor Robotonic

702. Feeling hard and like a drone
they traveled then to the Marble Zone
After that, to Spring Yard Zone
rings to get and skills to hone

703. Labryinth Zone was kind of tricky
they held their collective breath when things got sticky
After a while day turned to night
then they entered the Zone of Star Light

704. Next Sonic and Nomi took a train
to the Zone that was known as the Scrap Brain
It was insane, and then to the next stage
Final Zone where Sonic ended his rage

705. Now Nomi goes down to Kentucky where                                                                           Matty Bevin is teching the Bible                                                                                                         “Do you really want to enslave them that early?”, Nomi asks                                                 Mattthew replies with “Zig Heil!”

Tired of the Kentucky air, Nomi turned his time machine watch on and…


Part I: From The Steps Of The TRAB

  1. 3. Stepping into the city, from the steps of the TRAB                                                                                His eyes grew misty, though he was not sad“Welcome home” someone random did say,                                                                                          Nomi felt then the urge to prey(pray)

     4. He began on Larkin Road, for so he was told                                                                                        That many a man here in the past were real bold

     5. Not wishing to hide, took the Grove onto Hyde                                                                                        Ukulele and lighter tight by his side

     6. A left onto Folsom, as he sangtheblues,                                                                                                                                                                      ‘though it was not on prison, but a path brand new


    7. A right onto Sixth and a left onto Bryant,                                                                                                                                                                        now what Nomi did was considered defiant


    8. Now a right onto Fifth and so he was there

    Nomi was humbled as he slept in a chair


    9. The mo(u)rning s(o)un rose, it was hard to see

    From the humble abode where sat Nomi D.


    10. “A Mission I’m on, to Bruno’s C-Tail club”

    There he went and fell out of love


    11. A dame named Lung Shan, quick to understand

    “I’m sorry Miss Shan, but in a far away land,

    Lies my one true love and only hope of salvation

    For her I am here and I will wait patient”


    12. With the Taraphanilia, he got along well

    “Thank you Dear Kate, I hope to see you in Heaven, again.


    Part II- After Departing From Miss Shan

13. “Come now, oh brother, for the time is at hand

To place a mark on this seaside land”


So Patrich, with sword and pistol by his side, went with Nomi.


14. They trekked on foot to exercise their bodies

Alreand their minds were in good health

They came upon an apartment: Shoddy

Where they were to soon discover great wealth


             Kara, Nomi’s true love, greeted them at the door with wine and flowers.


15. “Welcome, my love, I have great news,

I am moving in here with nothing to lose

I will support whatever you do!”

16. Nomi got down, took her hand on one knee

And asked the beautiful woman, “Will you marry me?”

16. Kara said yes, they were married real soon

Patrich, the priest, married the bride and the groom



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