Nomi Cast (v.’s 1-704)__**

CAST OF CHARACTERS(verses 1-697)

Nomi Donatello Donald–aka Donnanomi–aka Papa Don(a sage)1-600

Father Martin Diaz(of the chapel)-5,577-582,609
Brother John Kranz(of the chapel) -5
Karina Castillo(of the chapel) -5
Darren Williams(of Good Samaritans, was given trophy by Nomi)-6
Debi(Nomi’s lover)-6
Sister Karina(of the chapel, a priestess, was to provide over Nomi’s wedding to Laurel Marie)-9

XX Laurel Marie(was to marry Nomi,later killed by Nomi lover#2)-9,378-390

XXCasey Christine(Nomi’s rebound after false wedding–lover#3, also Laurel’s lover,killed by Krista)-10, 11, 651, 653-659
Dereck Carr(professional athlete)-12

XX Barack Obama(the Hawai’ian president, killed by black rights group)-13

Mephistophilis(a devil)-14
Beelzelbub(a devil)-14
Michael(the greyhound, of the Mission)-15
Helena Stephenson(a woman that Nomi dreamed of, who had a waking dream)-21-27
Adam and Steve(the first created homosexuals)-24
Judith and Ruth(biblical figures from Helena’s dream)-24
Melchizedek(biblical figure from Helena’s dream)-24
Saint Stanford Von Disney(died in Helena Stephenson’s dream)-24
Peter(gave Helena keys)-24
Thomas(biblical figure from Helena’s dream)-25
Jude Hook(tailored by Thomas)-25
Simon(swam, in the ocean of Styx)-26
Phillip(who was cross)-26
James(Jesus’s brother)-26
Isaiah(The Prophet)-28
David Aurelia(a king)-28, 29, 30
Joseph Glass(agreed with King D. Aurelia)-30
Willy Weigand(gave Nomi candy)31
King William(settled with Agrell)31
Agrell(settled with K. William)31
Valerie Thorpe(former Nomi partner, non lover)31
Norma Barbacci(kissed Agrell)32
Mary Madelein(accused prostitute)32
Gregory the Great()32
Vincent de Paul ()32
Moses(of old, aka Mo)33,98
Wren(a bird)33

(XX) Johannes(the traitor, later brought back to life and lost the title of traitor)34,232-236

Felix Kirchmayer(killed Johannes)34
Liefuehter ()34
Randy(Stan’s father)36
Stan(Randy’s son)36
Bruda’Doug(a musician)39
The Birds(unnamed, but not Alfred Hithcock’s)-44
Gabriel(An angel from Heaven)46-51
Messenger from Los Cielos–the heavens(unnamed)51
The Gunmen(unnamed)54-55

XX The scoundrels(were killed by the gunmen)54

Ghandi(statue that comes to life)56-57
Nikki(writer from the City Weekly Newspaper)58
Mister Renshaw(writer from the City Weekly Newspaper)59
Rhetta(writer from the City Weekly Newspaper)60
Andi V(writer from the City Weekly Newspaper)61
Rickey(writer from the City Weekly Newspaper)62
Paula Peppas(writer from the City Weekly Newspaper)63
Bernie Hart(Tai Chi Master)35,69,441-467,642
Zondervan(a great sage)73-107

XX Cyclops(killed by Nomi, giant with only one eye—more than 50 ft. tall)80-82

Daniel(part of Nomi’s “crew”)84
Joel(part of Nomi’s “crew”)84
Malachi(part of Nomi’s “crew”)85
Haggai(part of Nomi’s “crew”)85
Obadiah(part of Nomi’s “crew”)85
Micah(part of Nomi’s “crew”)85
Zechariah(part of Nomi’s “crew”)85
Zephaniah(part of Nomi’s “crew”)86
Habakkuk(the klansman, part of Nomi’s “crew”)86,295
Jonah(part of Nomi’s “crew”, tossed overboard)87,88
Pharaoh(was reluctant to have them all leave)90
Frod Lon Giber(magic man)91-107,253-262
Little Russ(Nomi’s younger brother)102,650-651

XX Mike E(friend of Nomi,killed by Penny Lane)108,111

XX Stephen(enemy of Nomi,killed by Penny Lane)108,111

XX Briann(insightful man,killed by Penny Lane)108,111

Krista(the fairy, originally from the forrest of Fern Gulley))109
Francis(a pope)109

XX Phil McCartthy(killed by Penny Lane)110,111

XX Sandra McCartthy(killed by Penny Lane)110,111

XX The McCartthy’s(unnamed,killed by Penny Lane)110,111

Penny Lane(a serial killer, Nomi’s lover for a time, the only one spared from the                                         exlovercide)111-125
Rob Steiner()110
Jackie Erbin()110
Lynn(old German friend of Nomi’s)112
Super Dave(Italian friend of Nomi’s)116
Sarah Jane()111
Romi B(Nomi’s subconcious version of his brother, Russell Bruce)118
Billy J(Billy Trailor Jr, plays guitar)120

XXTinnia(a lover of Nomi’s, killed by Krista)127,132, 653-659

XX Mary(the whore, was stoned to death)129

XX Mary(wife of Joseph)129

Lazerus(awoke from a coma)129
Joseph(killed his wife-Mary)129
Krishna(a sun god)130
Osirus(a sun god)130
Adonis(a sun god)130
Dionysus(a sun god)130
Mithras(a sun god)130
Jesus(a sun god)130

XX Plautus(killed by Nomi)131

Ander(Nomi’s friend)135-140,159,422,515-523

XX Drunk Man(punched Ander, killed by Ander)138

Hammurabi(ancient ghost, phrophet)142
Marduk(ancient god of Sumeria)145

XXBethanga(former lover of Nomi, killed by Krista)153, 653-659

Caesar(ancient leader of Rome)154

XX An Officer of the law(killed by Nomi)158

Shawn Colvin(pop singer)162

XX Phini Geeret(drank with Nomi, killed by Nomi)164-198

Ernesto(the old)182
King Stephen(Stephen King, author)174
Carrie(Stephen King Character)175
Christine(Stephen King Character)175-178
Miss Claiborne(Dolores, Stephen King Character)175
Mike Myers(comedian)179
Mister David Lopan(character by John Carpenter:Big Trouble in Little China)180

XX Bartender(killed by Nomi)183

Six Thugs(killed by Phini)184-187
Blind Man(prophet)191-196
Elizabeth Warren(Ernesto’s wife)199,200
Theodore(son of Ernesto and Elizabeth)200

XX Momondo(a bad man)201

Kevin Plank(Nomi’s friend),537-543
Ninjas(hired thugs of Momondo)203-205
Tim McVeigh(Oklahoma City Bomber)206-211
Jimmy Kimmel(actor)213
Ryan Trimble(P.P.C. Journalist)213
Rita Lyn(turned 34 years old)214
John D. Giovanni(a man)219
Sean Paul Rooney(colleague of John D. Giovanni)219
Christopher Hanley(a man)220
Robert Kirkpatrick(ordered a frappuccino)222
Stephen A. Knapp(ordered a frappuccino)222
Rodney Dickens(street vendor)223
Willfredo Mercado(a wearied old man)223
William Macko(a defendant)224
Ann C. Judge(of the law)224
Charles Falkenburg(sat with Kathy N. Mazza)225
Dana Falkenburg(sat with Kathy N. Mazza)225
Zoe Falkenburg(sat with Kathy N. Mazza)225
Kathy N. Mazza(sat with the Falkenburgs)225
Moira Ann Smith(sister to Monica)226
Monica Rodriguez Smith(sister to Moira)226
Lauren(owns Grandcolas business)226
Hilda E. Taylor(a woman)227
Sara M. Clark(a woman)227
Asia S. Cottom(sat on her bottom)228
Bernard C. Brown the second(a man)228
Cee Cee Lyles(a woman)228
Apollo(the sun king)231-233
Johannes(the (former)traitor)232-234

XX Eric(friend of Joseph, killed by Johannes)235

XX Joseph(friend of Eric, killed by Johannes)235

Bloody Mary(a ghost)240
Olivia(originally from O’blahu, then moved to Calicornia, now resides in Pepper Pond City)249
An Apache Minister(said something sinister, killed by F.L.Gibber)254

XX Shaman(killed by F.L. Gibber)255

Chavez Mencia(a business man)257
The Giver(a Holy man)259
Giant Lizard(battled F.L.Gibber)261
Marty Plunket(Pepper Pond drunk, Nomi’s friend)265
William Smith(an actor)268
Boba Fett(a fictitous character by George Lucas)
Oscar Solis(a latino man)280
Salvador Dali(acclaimed artist)282

XXSpanish Woman(,aka Roberta lover of Nomi’s in the past, Killed by Krista) 653-659

Alex Whyte()291-296
Mrs. White(Alew’s mother)292
Elizabeth Barbour(Alex White’s wife)293
Ezra(Biblical figure)295
Deven(Nomi’s old friend)297-305
Ken Garth(car dealer)298-300
Drug Clown(,Ronald McDonald,lives in Las Vegas)301
Dr. Thompson(Hunter S.-gonzo journalist)304
Cason(Nomi’s friend, a model)311-315

XXMilena Markvna(Mila Kunis, Nomi’s lover ,killed by Krista)317-320,340,349-351,356,487-505,653-659

XX The lady(hired assasin, killed by Nomi)326,338Rhea Gaea Cybele(the Great                                   Mother)345

Miss Kitty(M.K.)353
Eric Matthews(Plays Withy Squirells)359.5-370
Jack(Shauns half-brother)360-370
Imon(Nomi’s evil twin brother, Killed Miss Christine)373-377
Mister Lao Donald Tzu(writer of the Tao Te Ching)392-405
Zooey(Dechanell, Nomi’s lover #8)406-415
Boogey Man(a.k.a. Gary,drug dealer, killed by Ander)433
Issac(Tai Chi Master)442-467
Alexander Weinstein(Alexandra’s twin brother)444.5-467
Alexandra Weinstein(Alexander’s twin sister)446.5-467
Pricus(the great Sea Goat)450-467
Marita(Bernie’s wife)453-467
Mary(the Mighty)466,478-479
Kincade(killed by F. Krueger)482
Freddy Krueger(a killer)482
Larry(made a flying car)504

XXAlim(Nomi’s lover,killed by Krista)505-506653-659

Adolf(Hitler, painter)508-510

XXParis(Hilton, bisexual lover of Nomi’s,killed by Krista)512-514, 653-659

XX Diane(the Wade’s list killer)524-528

Pam(Donald, Nomi’s mother)529,535
Atticus(a writer, friend of Nomi’s)531-534
John(Johnny) Depp(actor)555
James(Jim) Carrey(actor)555
George Lucas(Director)556
Angelina Jolie(actor, Nomi’s lover #10)556
Anne Hathaway(actor, Nomi’s lover #11)557
Vladamir Putin(ruler of Russia)557
Jon Stewart(actor)558
Howard Stern(actor)558
Kobe Bryant(athlete)559
John Stockton(athlete)559
Michael Jordan(athlete)560
Scotty Pippen(athlete)560
Ariana Grande(actor)561
Harry Styles(actor)561
Dwayne(the rock) Johnson(actor)562
Madonna(actor, Nomi’s lover)563
Andy Warhol(artist)563
Tiger Woods(athlete)564
Brad Pitt(actor)564
Billy Ray Cyrus(singer)565
Marshall Mathers(singer)565
Tom Cruise(actor)566
Selena Gomez(actor)
The Adam’s Family(television family)566
Stephen Colbert(actor)567
Bill Clinton(former President of the USA)567
David Letterman(actor)568
David Beckham(athlete)568
Taylor Swift(singer)568
Katy Perry(singer)569
Justin Bieber(lip singer)570
Katelynn Pardoul(Nomi’s niece)570
Kayla Martinez(Nomi’s niece)570
Nathan PardoulNomi’s nephew)
Donald Trump(President of the USA)570

XXJami(Nomi’s lover,killed by Krista)571, 653-659

Keifer(a vampire)572-574
John(a voice crying out in Nomi’s dream)583-585
Fox(trotted by Nomi)590
Victor Von Disney( evil creative genius)591

XXJuliet(Nomi’s former lover, killed by Krista)593, 653-659

Mike(Juliet’s lover)594
Oscar De La Hoya(athlete)595
Victor(Nomi’s friend, a security guard)596-600
Charlie Chance(Nomi’s friend)588-601
Salman Abedi(a terrorist)603
Ariana Grande(an actor)603
Franklin(mentor and friend to Nomi/security guard)603-607,610-616,675,676
Atticus(Nomi’s friend/writer)605
Kris(Nomi’s friend/security guard) 609-612
Rodney Tate(former bully of Frank’s)614
Michael Spagnola forme(bully of Kris’s)616
The Beatles(a rock band from the 60’s & 70’s)

XXGinger (aka The movie star,Nomi’s former lover,passenger of the S.S. Minnow, killed by

Krista)623, 653-659
Gilligan(passenger of the S.S. Minnow)621
The Skipper(Captain of the S.S. Minnow)621
The Millionaire and his Wife(passengers of the S.S. Minnow)621
The Professor and Mary Ann(passengers of the S.S. Minnow624
Garret(Nomi’s friend)643-649
Daniel Gonzalez(got butt kickedbyGarret)643,646                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           James(Jim)Douglas Morrison(poet, did drugs with Nomi)662,670

Gabriel(an angel)671-674
Abu Sayyaf(terrorist group from the Middle East)671-674
Abu(leader)                                                                                                                                        Bill Cosby(friend of Nomi’s) 671                                                               Sammie Mays(former lover of Nomi & B. Sharon Van Ert(former lover of Nomi & Bill Cosby)

Heidi Thomas(former lover of Nomi & B. Cosby)  673

Christoper Connely(musician from Saves The Day, Nomi’s friend)677-680                                Klay(Doug’s friend in 2017)681

Sarah Stroh(Doug’s friend in 2017)682                                                                                                                                                                   Robert Bobrow(Doug’s friend in 2017)682                                                                                       Sarah & David Aguirre(Doug’s friends in 2017) 683                                                                       Xander Larucci(Doug’s friend in 2017)683                                                                                                                                                                       Greg Bowman(Doug’s friend in 2017)684                                                                                                                                                                   Jason Sucksdorf(Doug’s friend in 2017)685                                                                                                                                                              David Ellsworth(Doug’s friend in 2017)685                                                                                     Ben Stroh(Doug’s friend in 2017)686                                                                                                                                                                 Lauren(Doug’s friend in 2017)688                                                                                                                                                                 Joey(Doug’s friend in 2017)688                                                                                                                                                                     James Miller(Doug’s friend in 2017)689                                                                                                                                                               Itzak Lefler(Doug’s friend in 2017)                                                                                                                                                                          Alex(Doug’s friend in 2017)690                                                                                                                                                               Michael Pullen(Doug’s friend in 2017)690                                                                                         Tara Kate(Doug’s friend in 2017)                                                                                                                                                                  Adam Neese(Doug’s friend in 2017)696                                                                                             Sean(Doug’s friend in 2017)696                                                                                                                                                                   Robert C. (Doug’s friend in 2017)                                                                                                                                                                       Jodene(Doug’s friend in 2017)696                                                                                                                                                            Whitney(Doug’s friend in 2017)                                                                                                                                                                 Adam(Doug’s friend in 2017)695                                                                                                                                                                   Klint(Doug’s friend in 2017)695                                                                                                                                                              Caleb(Doug’s friend in 2017)695                                                                                                          Rob Bobrow(Doug’s friend in 2017)693                                                                                            Ryan Sedillo(Doug’s friend in 2017)692                                                                                                                                                                   Douglas(from 2017)680-697                                                                                                                 Marc Haley(Doug’s friend in 2017)687                                                                                                                                                                   Garret(Doug’s friend in 2017)691                                                                                                         Sonic the Hedgehog(Sega Genesis character that Nomi pals with)701-704

Lung Shan(Nomi’s brief lover)11

Patrich(Nomi’s friend, a priest)14-16

Kara Kate(Nomi’s wife)15,16


XX:killed within time period
(XX): killed & ressurected



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