This Is Only Karma_S***



————–7:32 pm——————–Monday, May 19th 2017—————————————–

“Thank you, sir!” said Patrick White looking down at the zip-locked sandwich
he held in his shaking hands. It had been three days since Pat had had a drink of
whiskey and he was now experiencing the shakes.

“You’re quite welcome…” John said with an air of humility.

“Pat is my name, mister. Pat Black.” he said, not wishing to disclose his real identity.
John Jacob had been coming to the Street House Homeless shelter every week
now for about seven months with his twin children children Alexander and Alexandra
passing out peanut butter sandwiches to the homeless.

————–9:00pm———————Monday, May 19th 2017 9:00pm——————————

“Hey honey, we’re home!” Patrick yelled tiredly as he walked in the door
and put his car keys on the kitchen counter. The kids trailed close behind with big smiles on
their faces.
Judy walked in from the living room a little tipsy. She had been drinking.

“Have fun?”

“Well…” John began.

“Hi mom!” said Alexander jumping into his mother’s arms. Alex was only seven and she could still hold him.

“Get upstairs and brush your teeth, Al.” she said setting him down and patting him the head.

“‘kay mom.”

“That goes for you as well Ally.”

“Yes, mother.” she replied teasingly.

‘Just seven and already knows how to be sarcastic.’ Judy thought.

Ally jumped on her father’s back and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“Love you daddy, goodnight.”

“Goodnight sweet heart.”

Judy was jealous of the ‘father-daughter’ relationship they shared; also the ‘father-son’ relationship
the he and Al had, too, for that matter. John was just such a damn good guy that
sometimes it made Judith sick.
———————————-10:02———————–Monday, May 19th 2017 ————————

John Thompson hung his bathrobe on the hanger in the closet and then went to bed where
Judy was anxiously awaiting and lied down.
Judy cuddled up next to him.

“Not tonight, honey, I’m spent.”

John reached over and turned off the lamp and closed his eyes. He drifted into
blissful sleep.

Judy gritted her teeth.

——————————— 5:00pm —————————Tuesday, May 20th 2017———–
Seven year old Ally Thompson was spreading smooth Jiffy peanut butter
across plain white bread. Her little brother was spooning
grape flavored jam-jelly onto similar pieces of bread.

Judy, their mother, stood on the other side of the island counter; once her
bliss-full children had completed their work, she would sprinkle arsenic on the
jam and then put the two pieces together.

Terrible you think but no, she would never let Ally or Al taste the
death sandwiches, oh Heavens-to-Mergatroid, no!

No, she simply packed them into the sack and gave them to her ignorant husband-the do-gooder
that spent more time doing good than he spent with her(how she resented him for it!)-
who would pass them out to hungry homeless people on the Small Stream Street in Pepper pond City.

———————————— 6:00pm ———————————-Tuesday, May 20th 2017—-
“All set dear!” Judy said to her husband who was walking in the door from a long day at the

“You’re the best Judith!” he said, kissing her on the cheek.

“Let’s go kids, these sandwiches aren’t going to serve themselves!” he called upstairs.

Al and Ally, the Thompson twins, hurried downstairs. They loved spending time with their father.

——————– 7:45pm ————————————Tuesday, May 20th 2017——————
“So how are you, Pat?” John asked the man in earnest.

“To tell you the truth, boss, not so well.”

John raised an eye brow.

“What’s up?”

Patrick leaned in close while holding his stomach.

“Jerry died last night…”

There was a moment of silence, then John said softly with a hand on Pat’s shoulder,

“I’m sorry to hear that. What happened, if you don’t mind my asking?”

“Not at all, sir. The doctor said he was poisoned.”
———————7:00pm ——————Monday, May 26th 2017 ————————
“Hey Pat, why the long face?” John asked the homeless man.

“Well, I hate to tell you this John, but…”

John Thompson looked at his friend with concern.

“Go on…”

“Well, Fred passed away last night from-”

“Poisoning?” John finished for the man.


———————–4:32pm———————Monday, June 23rd 2017—————
John Thompson quietly unlocked the front door of his home. He was not expected until
much later, but that was the whole point.

So far he had heard of twelve people dying at the homeless shelter. The last one was a young man named
Nicolas. John had a sneaking suspicion about who was responsible for the deaths, but he had to be sure.

He crept slowly into the living room and put his brief case down.

Slowly he crept towards the kitchen door and opened it just enough to see inside
without being seen.

There he saw his kids Ally and Alex making the sandwiches that they passed out every week night
at the shelter.

He also saw Judy, his wife. What he saw her doing sent shivers down his spine.

“Why are you putting pepper on the sandwiches, mommy?” asked little Al?”

“To make them taste better, Al.”

What John saw that it was not pepper at all that she was putting on the sandwiches, but poison!”

He stepped back quietly, picked up his case and left.

———–10:02pm ———————Monday, June 23rd 2017—————
John hung his bathrobe on the hanger and got into bed.

His wife snuggled up next to him and he turned to her and began kissing
her like he had not done in quite some time.

“Oh, Johnny, yes.”

As he put on the condom, he rubbed the arsenic on it as well.

‘This is only Karma Judy.’ he thought.








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