When the Earth Stood Still[a collection of 8 poems]_P**

1.When the Earth stood still

I had no time to kill
when the Earth stood still

I ate some food
but couldn’t pay the bill
when the Earth stood still

I didn’t have much
‘nor hardly the will
when the sun went black
and the Earth stood still

She took off her dress
she whispered in my ear
I could barely hear
When I lost my will
when the Earth stood still

I froze like the world
when I saw that girl
the wind was so chill
when the Earth stood still

I never saw her again
not after that meal
when the Earh stood still

I stood and looked at the sun from the hill
when the Earth stood still

When the Earth stood still


2.The Desperate

The desperate separate themselves because
The desperate are separate

It’s been so long since
I’ve seen your face in person; because pictures are the past and pretend
my friend, I miss you
my family, too

The desperate are seperate
they separate themselves from the truth

3.James M

Jailbird once
And now you are free
Mister McElroy, you mean
Everything, to me, at least
Stronger you
Must get

4.Lorena M

Long time as-
O, so long; but I
Remember h-
Er in dreams that
Never succede
My heart hurts because of the abscense of her

5.Spice Wars

So strong, takes control of
Insides and minds. They
Cannot any longer control their own actions.
Everytime I
Witness this I
Always have to look away; it is sad. I
Really can’t breathe with the
stink today

6.Pointless At Best(an acrostic)

And you were there before
The time when time was time
How can I describe? How can I describe your
Eternl beauty?
Never will I
Accomplish that task. It’s pointless at best.


7.If You Give A Darn

The Bee Hive people, you can always tell them
The Cafe displays: Christopher Walk-ins welcome

Why is Barack on the FBI building?
What isthe General Services Administration hiding?

Ken Garf may be at the top of a tower
but what does one do with unlimited power?

Spat at a cactus, on the four hundreth
because the server there was racist abundant
I was allowed in because of my ‘white’ skin
and my ‘black’ friend got no such attention

In a song you never heard
Norman D. spell bad word
I now pass the bottom buck
holler if you give a darn




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