Tai Warm Chi in the Morning__P**

  • Number one, for what it’s worth; touch the sky, & touch the earth.
  • Number two look to the sparrow; there’s an archer shooting arrows.
  • Number three will do no harm; here you have yin yang arms.
  • Number four, what the heck; now we have the turning neck.
  • Number five to stay alive; horse monkey fists from side to side.
  • Number six nothing to it; horse stance punching is what you get.
  • Number seven, sacred seven; now reach and touch the heavens.
  • Number eight, not hesitate; to slap the ankles, never wait.
  • Number nine is not so bland; in horse stance you are pushing hands.
  • Number ten, shooting baskets; & horse stance once again.
  • Number eleven, horse stance heaven; pushing forward like number seven.
  • Number twelve, we’re at the end; balance with stand-up bass instrument.                                                                                                                                                                                          Thank you to Bernie & Marita Hart, Mary & Tara Kate for helping to write this poem!

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