Wait Right Here_S*

“Hey Andy, what are you up to pal?” said the young man walking towards him.

“Oh, hey, Chase.” he answered awkwardly, “just…waiting right here.”

Chase looked at his friend and raised an eyebrow.

“Well, okay, pal. I’ve gotta return these books, so I’ll catch ya later, okay?”

“Sounds good, pal.”

The two men in their early twenties slapped each other a ‘high five’
and Chase went into the library building that Andy was standing in front of, head down with his hands in his pockets.

10 Minutes Earlier

Andy and his girlfriend are sitting on a bench in front of the Pepper Pond
Public library downtown.

“I still care about you, Brandy. I just think that it’s time we took a
break from each other is all.”

Brandy was on the verge of tears, but held them back. She knew this day would
come and she had promised herself not to cry when it did.

“I love you Andy.”

“I…love you too, Brandy.” he said, although she knew that he didn’t.

“I just hate that our names rhyme!”

She looked up at him with her clear blue eyes, “Andrew?”


“Do me this one last favor, please?”

“Sure, Brandy.”

She put her thumbs in her tight jean pockets and kicked her foot on
the ground adorably.

“Wait here, a minute, ‘kay?”

“What…” he began.

“Just wait here…please…”

He touched her cheek, as if to wipe away a tear, ‘though
there was none to wipe away.

“Okay Brandy. Okay.”

20 Minutes Later

Andy looked at his watch. Brandy was sure taking her time, whatever she was doing.

“Maybe I should go inside.” he thought.

Andrew began walking towards the entrance when a piece of wadded up paper
fell before his feet.

He hesitated before picking it up, but finally did. He uncrumbled the paper and read
the words: Look Up.


Before he could look up, Brandy’s body hit the pavement in front of him.
She had jumped from more than a hundred feet up.

She had told him to ‘wait right here’.

Those were her last spoken words as far as he knew.

Wait right here.

He looked down at her and thought of the Pedro the Lion Song, saying “I’ve never seen anything so sad and beautiful”

Dedicated to Andres “Andy” Ray Gutierrez. You’ll always be my best friend.



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