I Just Had To(based on true events)__S*

The afternoon was brilliant as I stepped into the sunlight from the library. I walked across the street to the park and sat down. I pulled out the notes I jotted on a piece of paper to play a few songs on my ukulele.

I began playing an older Beatle’s song. “…this bird had flown…” I was singing when just then a bird flew in. She very young. I could not tell if she was an adult or not, but she was very beautiful none the less. She sat in very close proximity and I noticed her pretend to read a book through my sunglasses.

Next I several songs of my own followed by Beethoven’s Fur Elise and then finally ended on an original instrumental. Just as I was putting away the uke, the girl dropped her book and hopped up, startlingly and sat beside me- putting her hand on my arm.

“That was SOOOO beautiful!” she said looking up at me with sky blue eyes, her long yellow hair blowing in the wind.

“Thank you, miss…”

“Danielle.” She said. I regained control of my arm and then offered her my hand. “Pleased to meet you Danielle.” I told her. She giggled. She was probably no more than eighteen years old.

“Well, Danielle, I must be going, it was a pleasure.”

She stuck out her bottom lip as I backed away.

“Sweet mother of God!” I thought as something began growing between my legs.

I headed towards Fifth Street and met Maria at the bar. I just had to get laid.



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